Cheap train tickets: our tips

For the holidays, have you planned to go by train? But like everyone else, you want to travel at the best price. So how do you find cheap train tickets? There are ways to reserve your seats at a lower cost. What are the best times to buy train tickets? How should you go about finding the best deals and traveling at a smart price? Discover all our ideas to save on transport.

Redeem train tickets

Even if train tickets turn out to be overpriced, there is a unstoppable trick to get them cheaper. Check out sites like Kelbillet or Zepass where individuals resell their transport ticket at a low price. On the other hand, general classifieds sites such as also offer interesting offers.

Namely, sites like Showroomprivé or Venteprivée also offer entertainment at discounted prices. Sometimes, Internet users can find good deals for traveling by train. In order not to miss a good opportunity, watch the offers by subscribing to the newsletter.

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Choose the best time to travel

Generally, better plan ahead. Book several months before your trip to find seats at the best price.

And as far as possible, also avoid school holidays when prices soar. If you don’t have children, take the opportunity to travel at a lower cost.

Similarly, avoid going on long weekends. During bridges, train tickets are expensive. Failing that, plan well in advance by reserving your seats before the prices soar.

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Discount cards and reduced rates

By owning a youth, senior or weekend pass, you will pay less for your train seats. This trick is profitable provided you travel regularly. This discount card is paid for once a year and grants you discounts between 25 and 60%.

On the other hand, the large family card works from three children and more. Thanks to it, save on your travels, up to 75% cheaper following the route.

Finally, be aware that if you are a job seeker, you claim reduced rates. Make your request to Pôle Emploi if it is a trip for a job interview. Otherwise, complete your form at the SNCF counters. Note that it is the regions that set their reduction rate. This can reach 75%.

Note, free measures can also be applied for holders of social minima such as the RSA. Check with your region.

Low cost trains

While traveling with Ouigo, for example, you will save money. This is the low cost version of the SNCF TGV.

For his part, the Intercity train serves more than 300 cities for less than 40 euros. Visit France by traveling at a low price thanks to this cheaper transport.

Leaving at the last moment

If you like improvisation, take the opportunity to save money on your vacation. Does the destination matter to you? Perfect ! On the SNCF website, you will find last minute deals with discounted tickets.

However, take your precautions. If you’re not sure you can leave, don’t buy! These tickets are not neither exchangeable nor refundable.

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Compare the prices

Before deciding on a trip, compare the rates by looking at the price calendar available on the SNCF website. Enter your departure and arrival cities, then check the « flexible » box to see all the best rates for the selected period.

Sometimes you will see significant price differences for the same destination. Choose less crowded trains to save on your journey. Leaving earlier or later is a good plan to spend less.

On the other hand, there is a trick to pay for your train ticket at the best price. Compare the rates on the SNCF site with those on the site train line. On this last site, you can absolutely buy your transport tickets.

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