How to be effective in preparing for your trip?

Want to take your backpack and go on an adventure? Does the demon of travel tickle you again? But you don’t know where to start to prepare for your departure. Here are some tips that will help you organize your trip easily and avoid stress before leaving!

Choose where you want to go!

It may seem difficult, but sometimes you don’t know which destinations to go to, and especially when to do it in the best conditions. By using the features of the site, you can easily define which destinations to turn to depending on the local weatherthe number of hours of travel needed to get there, the number of tourists or the price of plane tickets.

It would not be a question of reserving a plane ticket for the island of Reunion when it is the height of the cyclone season for example! Be smart and choose your trip based on when you departsave money by benefiting from the lowest fares and enjoy a destination where you will not face unpleasant mass tourism.

How to choose your destination?

plan your trip effectively

First of all, your search parameters must be clear. Ask yourself the following questions:

What is your budget for your trip?

Going to Asia or the Nordic countries does not have the same cost at all. You must therefore establish your budget for your plane ticket, but also accommodation and food on site. Do you want to do paid activities on site? By being clear with the available budget, you already eliminate certain destinations that are too expensive.

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What are the formalities and do you have the time?

Last minute departure or trip prepared several months in advance, you do not always have the same deadlines for applying for a visa, authorization to enter the territory or even for compulsory vaccination. Certain vaccines must be carried out at least one month before being effective, it is thus necessary to take these delays into consideration before booking your trip.

When can you leave?

You are on vacation for a month in February, but not all countries are pleasant to visit at this time of year, or are subject to dangerous weather. Find out before choosing your destination. If you want to leave to live a extraordinary local festivalsuch as Diwali in India or the passage of Kumari in Nepal, put your holidays according to these events.

How do you want to travel?

Cool with friends, family or with your companion? The styles are very varied depending on the people you go with and this will undoubtedly also impact the budget. As a family, we favor the comfort and therefore, it may cost more. When traveling alone, you are often freer to opt for more basic accommodation.

How long are you leaving?

If you only have one week of vacation, it may be wise not to waste two days in transport. It is probably better to favor closer destinations to fully enjoy your stay there.

What is the political situation in the country?

Be aware of the state of emergency, the risk of collisions or dangerous areas to avoid. The news has shown us that we shouldn’t neglect this kind of detail, because the risks really exist. Get in touch with foreign affairs office or consult the official sites: you will be kept informed day by day of the situation in a country. For more facilities, go to the government website of France Diplomatie.

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Book your means of transport on site

Once you’ve figured out which country you want to go to, book your tickets by doing a search to find the best prices. In the country visited, you may have need to rent a car or motorbike. You will often find sites on which to reserve remotely, but always remain attentive to the veracity and seriousness of the sites before paying for your plane ticket or paying a deposit for the reservation of a vehicle.

Regarding plane tickets, also remember to check the airport where you are arriving! Some tickets are very attractive, but you will arrive in the middle of the pampas and then have to take a bus, take a taxi or manage on your own to reach the city of interest. Also think about check the cancellation conditions. Remember that most insurance only covers a serious medical problem, other reasons for cancellation are generally not covered.

Be in good standing with local formalities

documents required for travel

Make sure your passport is in order, check that your vaccinations are up to date before you travel. And always ask if you have need to complete an authorization request. If we take the example of the United States, do not expect to enter the country if you do not have the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). It is also mandatory even if you are just making a stopover on American soil!

If your passport has taken on water or is damaged, some countries may refuse you access to their territory. We therefore avoid going there as a dabbler so as not to get stuck at customs at the airport. If you have any doubts about the status of your papers or the formalities to be completed, ask the Embassy or your town hall to be sure.

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Determine your route in the country

If you are not used to traveling and it scares you a little, it is possible to plan your trip. Don’t freeze everything though! The route can be vague. It’s just a matter of visualizing the necessary trips and the time it will take you. Some people like it all planned out while others like it improvisation. It all depends on your ability to organize yourself once there.

Also think that you cannot foresee everything while being in France. That is to say that once in the country, you may discover places to visit that you had not spotted before. Leave yourself a little flexibility to adapt your trip according to your desires on site. It is above all a question of seeing if the journey you have planned is feasible according to the time you will spend there.

For on-site reservations, consider downloading some very practical travel applications that give you the possibility of finding accommodation, a rental car or bus timetables!

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