How much does a trip to Costa Rica cost?

In Central America, Costa Rica is one of the most stable countries where it is good to travel. It is a dream destination that allows both backpacking road trips and luxury vacations with a large hotel and swimming pool. But before packing your bags, find out about the prices in terms of accommodation, food and catering, visits and excursions… Not to mention the price of the direct flight or with a stopover. Everything you need to know about how much a trip to Costa Rica costs.

Is life expensive in Costa Rica?

First, before choosing this destination, you should know that it is one of the most expensive countries in Central America. But on the other hand, it is also the most stable country from a political and economic point of view.

Costa Rica is the country with the highest GDP per capita in Central America. In this part of the world, it is an exception. The level of public health and education is also higher than in neighboring countries.

Finally, for a tourist, Costa Rica represents a welcoming foreign country. Its peaceful climate contrasts with the hectic atmosphere of nearby countries.

How much does the plane ticket cost to go to Costa Rica?

If you’ve started researching, you’ve probably seen big price differences in terms of airline tickets. Some can be up to three times more expensive than others.

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First, know that there is not just one way to get to Costa Rica by air. You will find many direct flights to Costa Rica from Europe. And besides, the prices have become more reasonable than before. Allow around 900 euros per person. But it is possible to find cheaper depending on the period of stay.

On the other hand, it is possible to make a stopover in the United States or Canada. You will then notice a significant price difference. But the speed and comfort will not be the same as a direct flight.

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How does it cost once there in Costa Rica? Expenses to be expected

On the basis of a 15-day trip, it is necessary to plan an average envelope of 2500 euros per person. But this is an average and the realities are very contrasted because there are several ways to go on vacation.

Indeed, to save money once there in Costa Rica, there are tips: travel by public transport, accommodation in youth hostels or local hospitality, free activities … If you are planning a vacation with a simple backpack and prefer to forgo certain comforts, it is possible to visit the country with a very limited budget.

On the other hand, tourists looking for a certain comfort will opt for car trips and hotel accommodation. In addition, it is the type of travel popular with foreigners.

Note also that people with a comfortable budget can be accommodated in a luxury hotel. Costa Rica is a dream destination with all the infrastructures.

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Accommodation prices in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica as in any country in the world, you will find all ranges of hotels. And the prices vary according to the standard as well as the season. If you want to save money on this expense, go instead in June, September or October. The high season, it encompasses the months of December until April.

If you have a very tight budget, look to youth hostels. To sleep at night, you will have to pay around fifteen euros. Note that this type of accommodation is not only for young people. There are also private rooms with bathroom (then count double).

You can also sleep in cabinas. These are small family hotels where meals can sometimes be prepared on site. Each cabinas includes ten rooms. Although simple, the welcome is nonetheless friendly and warm. Count between 50 and 90 euros per room with breakfast.

Then, classic hotels offer rooms between 60 and 100 euros depending on the region and the services. In this type of establishment, there are between fifteen and fifty rooms.

The other solution to discover Costa Rica from the inside is to rent a lodge. In the heart of nature and totally ecological, this type of high-end accommodation allows you to spend time in beautiful sites. Prices can range from 100 to over 250 euros per night, not including transport. Sometimes isolated places require the rental of a car.

Finally, on the luxury side, there are many properties offering superb rooms and swimming pools. Prices start at over 250 euros per night.

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Food in Costa Rica: how much does it cost ?

If you want to experience traditional Costa Rican cuisine, you must try simple, slightly spicy dishes made mainly from rice and green beans. Seafood is also highly valued in the country.

For breakfast, you will easily find gallo pinto (rice, red or black beans) served with eggs and cheese, for around 5 euros. But if you’re not a real local dish, fear not. Hotels in Costa Rica also serve continental breakfasts with toast, butter, jam, and fresh fruit. In this case, the rate is included in the price of the room.

On the other hand, for lunch or dinner, go to the sodas. These are small local restaurants that only offer typical dishes of the country. The prices are cheaper than those charged by tourist restaurants. For the latter, you have to pay about twenty euros per person.

Visit the country: activity prices in Costa Rica

Although small, this Central American country has plenty to do. And there are activities and excursions to suit all tastes. Among them, scuba diving (150 euros), the visit of coffee plantations (25 euros), the zip line (80 euros), the discovery of whales and dolphins (80 euros), hot springs ( 60 euros) …

As for the national parks, they can be visited for around fifteen euros. A perfectly correct price when you want to go green tourism.

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