The 50 most useful accessories when traveling

Whether for the practical side, the safety side or the comfort side, these accessories will improve the quality of your trip and make your life easy even on the other side of the world.

So as not to forget anything and have a dream vacation!

Here is a list of the 50 most useful accessories when embarking on a trip.

A toilet bag

To give you a makeover whenever and wherever you want! Toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo, styling gel and more. Very practical when you often change accommodation while traveling.

A medical kit

Important, reassuring, to always carry with you when traveling. Whether it is to disinfect a cut or take medication against seasickness, your medical kit will be your best ally in the event of a hard blow.

An airplane travel bottle kit

These bottles slip into your hand luggage and are very practical for taking your beauty products in the cabin. Remember, you can’t take everything you want on a plane.

An umbrella

To avoid ending up wet from head to toe in a downpour, never forget to carry an umbrella, especially if you are traveling in countries where the rain is omnipresent.

A compass

If you are setting out for a hike in remote places, a compass can always be useful to you so as not to lose the North! In cases where your phone is not working or the network is nonexistent, the compass can save your life!

A Swiss knife

Convenient for crafts or eating if you don’t have cutlery for example. If you go wild camping, you will not do without a good Swiss Army knife.

A pair of special hiking shoes

These hiking shoes will help you combine comfort and walking! Nothing is worse than taking a long walk and ending up with multiple blisters on your feet.

A sleeping bag

If you travel unexpectedly, a sleeping bag will always be useful in places where the beds are not 100% equipped! Different models exist depending on the temperature of the place where you sleep and the size that you are.

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A backpacker’s guide

The backpacker’s guide is well known. To find a hotel, a restaurant, a sumptuous landscape or local activities, this guide is an almost essential accessory.

A translation book

If you go to a country without speaking the local language, a little translation book will be very useful for communicating with the locals.

A Gopro

For travelers who decide to film their journeys and keep perfect track of all their adventures, the Gopro is the benchmark in terms of travel camera.

A travel bluetooth speaker

To take and share your music anywhere with everyone. Very practical when camping during an evening with friends.

Kindle: a book library in a shelf

Notice to reading enthusiasts! So as not to carry several kilos of books in your bag, this shelf will allow you to take dozens of books with you without thinking about their weight.

A sleep mask for the eyes

Whether in a waiting room, departure lounge or on an airplane, this accessory will help you fall asleep even in bright light. Very practical when you have to wait between flight changes!

A portable UV battery

This battery will be useful if you travel for a long time and without an electrical outlet to charge your phone, camera or camera. You just have to expose it to the sun for a few hours and it will recharge itself thanks to UV rays.

Plastic camping cutlery

If you are having a little country meal in the heart of nature, nothing like plastic camping cutlery to enjoy your dish without getting your fingers full!


Still in the camping spirit, the stove will allow you to cook your meals quickly. Eating cold is good, but every now and then a hot meal can do a lot of good.


Different sizes and often very well equipped, today’s tents are sometimes more comfortable than some hotel rooms.


When you sleep in an unfamiliar place, hard to find the switch in the middle of the night, the headlamp is a very practical accessory. You can also use it to read a book in the middle of the night, or to brighten up your evenings. Some headlamps are battery operated and offer several hours of battery life.

A jewelry box

To never lose your jewelry during your trip, this box will allow you to store your precious objects out of sight.

Natural soap

If you go wild camping, natural soap will be your best ally to wash you in a natural river or in a mountain lake without damaging the ecosystem!

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It may sound silly, but handkerchiefs are very practical and you will find many different uses for them on your trip.

Plastic camping cup

As with the plastic camping cutlery, this cup will be very useful for you to quench your thirst, drink your coffee, or toast with your friends in the heart of nature!

Cereal bars

Having a few granola bars on you may seem futile, but during long hours of walking, a little boost doesn’t hurt, especially when the heat or the cold can tire you out.

An electronic luggage scale

You know, when your luggage exceeds a certain weight on your plane trip, you can pay dearly for those few extra pounds. With this electronic luggage scale, you will always be able to know where you are with your luggage.


In some cold countries, a pair of gloves can prevent frostbite problems on your hands and fingers.

A filter straw

Appeared a few months ago, the filter straw offers you the possibility of drinking unfiltered water. Very convenient compared to the boiling water method.

A gourd

It is often forgotten, but a good gourd will be a very pleasant travel companion. Rather than bringing a plastic bottle, the bottle can be reused at will and is much more respectful of the environment.

A backpack

More practical than a briefcase, the backpack allows you to store a lot of useful objects throughout your day.

A warm blanket

Having a small warm blanket to take with you always keeps your body warm if you have to wait in a cold place for example.

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A microfiber towel

This type of towel dries very quickly and allows you to transport it quickly after use everywhere without fear of getting your items wet.

A tripod

If you are a photography enthusiast, a tripod will always come in handy for capturing unique moments without movement.

Flip flops

If you are traveling in a hot country, a pair of flip flops will always be welcome, especially for walking on a pebble beach!

Electric plug adapter

We don’t think about it enough, but depending on the country, the electrical outlets change format and this adapter will allow you to charge your devices in any country.

A luggage tag

Although it is increasingly rare, your luggage can get lost along the way, this tag will allow your luggage to come back to you in the event of loss.

A passport cover

Your passport is your travel document and your key to free and legal travel. Redoing a passport abroad takes time, this passport cover will help you keep it dry and protect it during your entire trip.

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Technical clothing adapted to the cold

If you go to the mountains, don’t forget that it remains a formidable element. Technical clothing against the cold, the wind, and the rain will always be welcome.

A neck strap for your smartphone

In some countries, smartphone theft is very common, with a neck strap, you will always keep it close to you and it will deter possible thieves.

Travel organizers (storage bag)

These small covers will be very useful for you to store and organize your items in your suitcase, your backpack etc …

A ticket hiding belt

To keep your money safe, there are belts that allow you to hide your tickets inside with a zipper. Very useful accessory in countries where thefts are frequent.

A selfie stick

The selfie stick has become a very fashionable accessory lately. You will be able to take the best selfies alone or with others during your trip.

A travel espresso machine

Nothing better than a good coffee to wake up in the morning. With this travel espresso machine, you will be able to enjoy real coffee anywhere and when you want. Its operation is simple, water, coffee and even no need for batteries or electricity.

A travel pillow

The travel pillow is perfect for sleeping and keeping your neck straight so you don’t wake up with stiff necks. Paired with a sleep eye mask, you will have dream nights on your plane trip.

A padlock

To secure your luggage or your backpack, this little padlock is perfect and avoids some unpleasant surprises when our luggage is reopened.

A notebook

Even though our phones and tablets allow note taking, nothing beats a good old travel journal. A few years later, you will be able to immerse yourself in your escapades.

Laundry bag

Always in the spirit of wild camping, this bag will allow you to wash your laundry everywhere very quickly! A very practical accessory for long trips.


Indispensable if you are going to a country where the sun is strong. Sunscreen protects against sunburn and helps prevent complications that can quickly become dangerous.

A cooler

The cooler will be your ally if you want to keep heat-sensitive foods cool. Perfect for keeping drinks cool for an aperitif by the beach with your feet in the sand.


Whether it is during a trip to the mountains with snow and strong sun, or during a tan break on the beach, sunglasses will protect your eyes in all circumstances.

An insect repellent

In hot and humid countries, this repellent can prevent you from itching nights with mosquitoes for example! For the whole family and safe for the skin, the insect repellent remains one of the most practical accessories for traveling.

A secret silk travel pouch

So as not to have their papers stolen and to avoid long hours of waiting at the embassy. A secret silk travel pouch that will fit around your waist. Convenient for keeping your papers safe while traveling.

A cap

Against the sun, it can prevent you from sunstroke in some hot countries!

Against the rain, it will prevent you from an unexpected cold snap.

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