Why organize a corporate event in the PACA region?

You are looking for the most favorable places to organize your congresses, company trips or seminars. You also want to set up « team building » sessions, to ensure better cohesion of your teams. It is the very diverse strengths of the PACA region that enable it to host a large number of these corporate events.

Places designed to welcome you

If you choose the PACA region, you will not run out of places to host your corporate events. You will indeed find no less than 25 convention centers, spread over all the departments of the region.

Among these places of reception, about ten are designed to accommodate more than 1000 people. In addition, a very dense hotel network makes a point of accommodating all the participants.

Prestigious establishments are next to good category hotels or guest houses with an authentic character, all equipped with the services intended to make the stay pleasant.

The PACA region also puts at your service the know-how of professionals who, like Smile Events, organize a large number of corporate events each year. It is because of this recognized expertise in the region that business tourism, which represents no less than 6% of tourism activity, is so flourishing there.

A very accessible region

The PACA region is indeed very easy to access. It is home to two international airports in its territory, that of Nice, which ranks just behind the two Parisian airports, and that of Marseille. Two European airports, Avignon and Toulon-Hyères, complete this air service.

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On the train side, a TGV connects Paris to Marseille on a very regular basis in just over three hours. It also serves the cities of the Côte-d’Azur, from Cannes to Nice.

Finally, the very dense road and motorway network provides rapid links with many regions.

A superb region full of resources

Participants at your corporate event will appreciate being surrounded by such a pleasant environment. Because the PACA region has a lot to offer them. Starting with the magnificent landscapes of an exceptional coastline, lit by an omnipresent sun.

But the PACA region is also the mountain, with the Lubéron and the grandiose panoramas offered by the Mercantour massif. The secret creeks or the mountain flora can be discovered within the limits of the natural parks which are one of the jewels of the regional heritage.

And we must not forget either that the Var is the second most wooded department in France. The PACA region thus offers you a striking contrast between unspoiled nature and cities which, like Marseille or Nice, are rising to the rank of metropolises.

This natural diversity offers a wide range of activities. You can thus offer, on the sidelines of a congress or in the program of your « team building » sessions, hiking or mountain biking, along hundreds of kilometers of marked trails.

The more sporty can indulge in climbing, in the many suitable sites, or descend torrential rivers on a rubber dinghy. For its part, the Verdon, enclosed in its impressive gorges, is a perfect place to practice canyoning. And why not organize your congress within the framework of one of the many winter sports resorts in the region?

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Cultural activities are not lacking either. The region’s rich historical heritage and its hundreds of museums offer your employees a welcome cultural break, while being the opportunity for an interesting occupation that brings cohesion to your teams.

The picturesque villages, perched on their hills, and the sites classified as World Heritage by Unesco, such as Arles or Avignon, further add to the interest aroused by a region with multiple resources.

And why not take advantage of the notoriety of one of the many events held each year in the PACA region? Organizing your corporate event at the time and in the vicinity of the Cannes Film Festival, the Nice Carnival or the Orange chorégies, is to ensure it a promotion and a considerable impact.

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