How much does a trip to Seychelles cost?

For a honeymoon or a heavenly holiday with your feet in the water, the Seychelles are one of the ideal destinations. On the archipelago, luxury tourism is developing with the search for high-end customers. And this, in order to avoid mass tourism which causes inconvenience. Nevertheless, it is still possible to have an affordable vacation in Seychelles. Find out the average prices for each expense item: accommodation, food, travel, visit… Everything you need to know about how much a trip to the Seychelles costs.

Islands to visit near the Seychelles

First, to calculate the price of your trip, you have to plan your stay. For this, you should know that the Seychelles have a maritime domain to explore. And nearby you will find other islands such as Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and Curieuse. They are essential for tourists looking for a change of scenery. Mahé is also considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world by a large number of travelers. To get there, you have to take an inter-island nautical shuttle.

Note that there are also other small islands to visit in the Indian Ocean, near the Seychelles. Among them, Cerf, Silhouette and Ile aux reefs. It is quite possible to plan a tourist circuit by spending several days on certain paradise islands.

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But if you travel during your stay, it represents a budget. Indeed, the Mahé / Praslin nautical shuttle costs 84 euros round trip. And to do Pralin / La Digue, for example, count 24 euros round trip.

How much does a trip to Seychelles cost? The return plane ticket.

If you plan your stay in the Seychelles several months in advance and choose an off-season period, so with less crowds (from October to June), count around 550 euros for the outward and return flight.

For a Paris-Mahé return trip, you will have to pay between 550 and 850 euros per person in economy class and out of season.

Note: travel agencies offer turnkey vacations. In this case, a stay in the Seychelles will cost you between 1000 and 1500 euros per week and per person, plane ticket included.

Accommodation prices in Seychelles: the price of a hotel room

To stay in an entry-level hotel in the Seychelles, it costs between 75 and 105 euros per night. And as a family or as a couple, if you want to travel in more comfortable conditions, there are hotel rooms between 95 and 170 euros (2 ** or 3 *** hotel).

Seychelles is also known for its luxury hotels, which charge very high rates. Indeed, high standing hotels are accessible from 250 euros per night.

To know : on the island of Mahé, you will have less choice in terms of hotel. If you have a limited budget for accommodation, choose another destination. On the other hand, camping is a prohibited practice in Seychelles. There is therefore no need to slip your tent canvas into your suitcases. In the event of a very tight budget, fall back on guest houses (bungalow or apartment for rent) or a family pension, from 50 euros per night.

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How much does it cost in the Seychelles to travel?

Besides the idleness on the sandy beach, the Seychelles allows other activities. Starting with tourist visits to discover the beauty of the landscapes.

It is therefore necessary to consider an average budget of transport to walk as a couple or as a family. Renting a car there costs between 30 and 70 euros per day. This allows you to move around without time constraints and to transport your suitcases as needed. And for a boat trip, plan an envelope between 20 and 50 euros.

But there are also other possibilities for getting around Seychelles:

  • the bus, essential for small budgets. This means of transport is available on the islands of Mahé and Praslin. Count less than one euro regardless of the distance traveled;
  • bike rental allows you to visit the Seychelles in a different way, for a price between 6 and 10 euros per day;
  • the ox cart is typical of La Digue Island. If you are looking for an unusual adventure, choose this means of transport. This coupling is becoming increasingly rare because it is replaced by the traditional taxi. Then count 20 euros for half a day;
  • finally, to connect the islands or fly over the archipelago, think of the helicopter.

In general, if you are staying with your family, book between 2000 and 2500 euros to travel quietly in the Seychelles by road, sea or air.

Average price to eat in the Seychelles

For lunch or dinner in a mid-range restaurant in the Seychelles, it costs around 25 euros, which is slightly cheaper than in France. As for meals in a snack or a fast food, the prices are very affordable, at less than 10 euros.

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If you want to taste the local cuisine, Creole style, go to a take awaygood and economical catering. For a small fee you will eat rice, fish and exotic fruits.

As for food, milk and water, for example, cost more than in France, respectively 1.53 euros per liter and 1.25 euros per liter and a half. On the other hand, certain foods such as eggs or bread are less expensive than in France.

Exits, visits, excursions … The average price per day to be expected

To visit a country and meet the locals, you have to plan a budget per day. Between drinks (water, beer…), entrance fees to natural sites and national parks, activities such as diving or boat trips… expenses can be significant.

To live a dream vacation in the Seychelles, you need around 130 euros per day.

What to put in your suitcase to go to the Seychelles

To have a successful holiday on the archipelago, whether you are leaving with a young couple or with your family, it is essential to think about:

  • a travel guide to get by on your own in the country, far from the tourist circuits of tour operators ;
  • sunscreen with a very high index because the sun is beating down on the archipelago;
  • good walking shoes for hiking;
  • a mask and a snorkel for diving;
  • a first aid kit containing a product for sunburns (Biafine type);
  • mosquito repellent just in case;
  • Sun glasses ;
  • a hat ;
  • an anti-UV sea t-shirt for children.

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