How to go to India?

Are you planning to go on a road trip in India? This trip is, as they say, the trip of a lifetime: India is a destination with great cultural diversity. But, before embarking on this great journey, you will have to prepare well. Discover through this article, everything you need to know to go to India.

Go to India in the best conditions

In general, whatever your destination, you should always leave at the right time. Some countries can be overwhelmed with the arrival of tourists or sometimes the temperature can be sweltering. To properly plan your trip, you must travel at the right time and in the right place. As far as India is concerned, it is a very large territory and the climate can literally vary from one end to the other. There best period to go there is between october and may.

Take your time

Of course, do not expect to go around this country in a week. Keep in mind that by going there, you won’t be able to see everything. Depending on the season and the region you want to visit, you will have to make choices. Transport has nothing to do with what we have in Europe. THE indian train is not the High Speed ​​Train (TGV) that we know. Between trucks, plows and many more disturbing elementsyou are sure that your race will be relatively slow and painful. But once again, if you take the time to plan everything well, you will be safe from setbacks.

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Pexels ???????? amol Nandiwadekar 1707402Pexels ???????? amol Nandiwadekar 1707402

Avoid big cities

Another tip: avoid the crowds at all costs ! Above all, if it’s your first time there, it will be the most intense and difficult moment of your life, believe us. Choose a well-done route with moments of rest. Indian cities are often bazaars. Instead of going to must-see cities like:

  • Jaipur
  • Agra
  • or Delhi

Instead, try the experience of the Himalayan foothills.

Ask an expert for advice

Organizing this road-trip requires use a travel agency. An expert will be able to organize and take care of your itinerary, but also your accommodation and the various activities you can do. There are many steps to go to this country. You have to do your visa and book all your journeys. The expert will know which places to visit and which areas to avoid.

Respect Indian traditions and customs

In a country like India, you have to realize that the traditions And religion are very present there. The mentality is quite conservative. It goes without saying that modesty goes hand in hand. We advise you to dress correctly, avoid dresses that are too short or mini shorts. If you plan to visit temples, you will need to have outfits that cover your legs and shoulders. It is a mark of respect. If you go to the beach, do not sunbathe topless, it is strictly forbidden. If you enter certain rooms, you will need to take your shoes off.

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