Living in Barcelona: advantages and procedures

Is moving to Barcelona a good idea? The Spanish city seduces with the mildness of its climate and its cultural richness, but what is it really? Discover the many assets of Barcelona. Should you move to the Catalan capital? We tell you about the steps to take to settle in Spain. Before moving to Catalonia, follow the guide!

The benefits of living in Barcelona

The Spanish way of life

In addition to a very favorable weather with a Mediterranean climate, Barcelona is renowned for its sweetness of life. Despite being a cosmopolitan city, Barcelona continues to be on a human scale. The city is easily accessible on foot and the walks are very pleasant.

Pedestrianism plays an important role. It is good to stroll in Barcelona. Especially since each district offers a different atmosphere. You will have the impression of discovering several small villages in one and the same big city. Note that there are many neighborhood parties and contribute to the creation of a special atmosphere.

The cost of living in Barcelona

The cost of living in Barcelona is lower than in France. Good news because the city is pushing consumption. Indeed, there are many leisure activities. There is no shortage of good gastronomic addresses in the Spanish city. You will also find many tapas bars there.

Regarding the price of rents, it has started to rise again. In the real estate field, Barcelona is the most expensive city in Spain. Note that owners benefit from a much lower property tax than in France.

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For rent, it also turns out easier than in France. Few real estate agencies will ask you for guarantors and fixed-term workers will most of the time be accepted. For a shared room in Barcelona, ​​it costs around 400 euros and up to 700 euros for a one-bedroom apartment.

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Work in Barcelona, in Catalonia

The unemployment rate remains high in Spain. Nevertheless, the Catalan capital attracts foreign workers due to an attractive economic activity compared to the rest of the country. Some sectors are recruiting, including trade, electronics, textiles and tourism. Indeed, Barcelona welcomes more than 25 million visitors each year. The region offers in particular seasonal jobs or fixed-term contracts.

Good to know, the minimum wage in Spain is around 750 euros, much less than the French minimum wage.

How to get around Barcelona?

The city offers several solutions for means of transport: tram, bus, metro, self-service bicycle… Many trains also serve the cities of Spain departing from Barcelona. The Catalan city also has an airport. El Prat is listed as the second largest in Spain. Without forgetting the port of Barcelona which is one of the largest in Spain.

Activities and leisure in Barcelona

On site, you will find lots of outing ideas. There are many gardens and parks. Barcelona also has several museums considered to be artistic highlights. Some honor the work of world-famous painters such as the Picasso Museum or the Joan Miro Foundation.

Barcelona is a tourist city well located between the sea and the mountains. Enjoy Barcelona’s beaches or hike the mountain trails.

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The city also has many markets including La Boqueria, the largest in Europe. The Christmas one takes place at the Sagrada Familia.

Steps to settle in Barcelona

To be considered resident in Spain, you must obtain the NIE number. You will need it to open a bank account and carry out all the administrative procedures. You will also be asked for it in the context of a rental or for work. Make an appointment online at the relevant office (Bureau des Étrangers in your province). Please note, you will not be received without an appointment. It takes several months of waiting. During your interview, bring the documents proving that you work for a company. This is the employment contract or a promise of employment. You will also be asked for an identity document as well as the completed Ex-15 form. This will be given to you when you book your appointment online.

Barcelona is a lively city where there is always something to do. Admittedly, professional opportunities may not be as numerous as in other countries of the world, but Barcelona offers a real sweetness of life.

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