2017-2018, assessment of a strong economy in Brest

Brest metropolis has the wind in its sails and is holding firm to carry out the ambitious development program that the 8 municipalities that make it up have baptized Brest 2025. The fact is that the economic situation of the metropolis has improved significantly over the past two years, even if there are still some gray areas.

A booming economic situation

Several key indicators underline the strength of the Brest economy:

  • The morale of business leaders is high. No wonder since more and more of them are seeing an increase in their turnover. Moreover, the number of liquidations or receiverships is down sharply. Results ; they are recruiting and the unemployment rate at 7.5% has never been so low in nearly 10 years. Which is well below the national unemployment rate, which is around 9%.
  • Among the factors which explain or which illustrate the upturn in Brest, it is necessary to point out, among other things, the resumption of construction, the increase in air traffic and the development of service activities.  » When the building, everything goes  » says a saying popular. The sector is actually up by more than 2% and the increase in the number of building permits issued to households clearly shows their confidence in the future of the Brest economy. With more than one million passengers, Brest Bretagne confirms its position as the leading Breton airport and, in 2017, posted the second best performance in its history. As for service activities, they are growing, in all directions, in digital, tourism, research and, general, in business assistance.
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Nevertheless, some gray areas remain

The traditional activities of the Brest metropolis are in fact suffering the repercussions of economic difficulties which are disrupting maritime traffic, shipyards and the agro-food industry.

  • Even if it is still the first port of Brittany, the commercial port of Brest must nevertheless face a sharp decline in the volume of goods handled which cannot immediately compensate for the doubling of the number of cruise passengers welcomed. .
  • The Brest economy is also faced with a reduction in the workload of its shipyards, even if the outlook for 2018 looks better.
  • The situation of the agri-food sector is mixed. If Chinese investments in the manufacture of milk powder are encouraging, the upheavals of the poultry sector are still very present.

A future full of promise

Whatever the temporary difficulties that the Brest metropolis may encounter, the fact remains that it has been able to build, over the years, a solid base of skills.

It can thus be proud to constitute a remarkable center of competitiveness with a global vocation, bringing together nearly half of French research in marine sciences and technologies.

And whatever the case, Brest remains a great naval place between the Channel and the Atlantic. This makes it the leading French port for the maintenance of the French Navy and the upkeep of civilian ships.


The sea provides 80% of international trade and the sea is indeed the hard core of Brest’s economy. It is therefore not surprising that the 8 communes of Brest Métropole have based their long-term development strategy on the multiplication of interconnections, beyond their territorial limits.

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Three out of four objectives of this strategy are centered on interregional cooperation, international networking and the creation of multi-actor groups, in which the technology park plays an essential role.

The modernization and transformation of the Capucins district, on the right bank of the Penfeld, or the creation of a new development zone with an economic vocation, in Plougastel-Daoulas, are a good illustration of this proactive and forward-looking strategy. ‘to come up.

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