Living in Singapore: advantages, disadvantages and procedures

Singapore, a city-state in Asia, is best known for its modernity and economic activity. Attractive at first glance, does it really offer opportunities? Discover all the advantages and disadvantages of living in this large city of 5 million inhabitants. What are the steps and formalities to complete to move to Singapore? What difficulties do you need to overcome? What budget will you need to live properly in this Asian state? We tell you everything about this destination that makes you dream.

Living in Singapore, benefits

Living in Singapore has many advantages, especially when it comes to language and safety.


Language is very important for integrating into a foreign country. Sometimes it becomes a barrier to being part of a community. In Singapore, you won’t have this difficulty as long as you speak English. Indeed, most Singaporeans know how to express themselves in the language of Shakespeare. Make yourself easily understood by the population thanks to your English.


This is an undeniable asset. In Singapore, security is not taken lightly. In the city-state, everything is very secure. You can leave your belongings on the terrace without fear of being stolen.


The weather in Singapore turns out to be very hot. However, the country is also known for its humidity.


You will find Asian food in Singapore, but also food from all over the world. There are restaurants of all nationalities (French, American, etc.). In general, Singaporean cuisine is a very good surprise. In many neighborhood restaurants, you will find very good food as well as original menus.

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There is no shortage of outings in Singapore. There are many very pleasant places to walk around. The city has many green spaces and botanical gardens.
There is also plenty of shopping. The metropolis has many shops, including very luxurious ones. You will also find a multitude of cafes, terraces, bars.

Public transport

Nothing is done to encourage pedestrians. On the other hand, travel by public transport is easy. The metro, for example, is efficient.

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Living in Singapore, the inconvenients

Although the city-state has many advantages, settling in Singapore also has several disadvantages.

The cost of living

To live decently in Singapore, it is essential to have a comfortable budget. The cost of living there is extremely high. Singaporean accommodation is more expensive than in Paris. On the other hand, salaries are also higher!

A new town

Singapore is a new city, so without really locals. Most of the locals reside there to do business and earn a lot of money. Don’t come to Singapore for the convenience. She is non-existent. People, because of their professional activity, are in a hurry and do not seek exchange or communication.

Looking for authenticity? Choose another destination. As a new city, Singapore suffers from a superficial image. Most foreigners have the impression that the city was built to make money. In Singapore you will find fake beaches, for example. Everything is done so that the city arouses envy.

Too much supervision

Is it an overly secure country? Surveillance can quickly become oppressive for unaccustomed strangers. The number of cameras is relatively large and in public transport such as the metro, you are checked.

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The French-speaking community in Singapore

The French community is well represented in the city-state. A number of students and trainees come to try their luck in Singapore, in search of professional opportunities. There are also many expatriates who are there for work. The catering, education, tourism, finance and information technology sectors offer many positions.

Good to know, some professions in the medical sector are reserved for Singaporeans.
In general, you will find enough French speakers in the big city to form a community (Canadians, Swiss, Belgians, etc.). In Singapore, there are several international schools as well as a Lycée Français. On the other hand, the city-state has several hundred French companies.

How to settle in Singapore?

Do you want to settle in the Asian city? A formality is unavoidable. When you arrive in Singapore, you must register with the register of French nationals living outside France. This will make your process much easier.

To open a bank account, you will be asked for your passport, a letter from your employer or your work permit. A statement from your home bank will also be required. A minimum sum must be deposited in your new account. Note, some banks refuse to issue a credit card to foreigners.

Singapore is proving to be a very dynamic city from an economic point of view with a very low unemployment rate. However, an expatriation in this country requires significant resources given the cost of living. Before considering a departure, it is better to have already found a job on the spot.

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