Terminate the Crédit Agricole Family File

On your account statements, you have noticed a debit under the heading “Family File”. What is it really about? And how can you no longer have to pay for this subscription, which is often taken out without you being aware of it?

Follow the steps to unsubscribe from Dossier Familial and request reimbursement of direct debits.

What is the Crédit Agricole Family File?

Dossier Familial is a monthly periodical published in partnership with Crédit Agricole. This little journal gives you advice on resolving certain disputes in areas as varied as retirement, employment, real estate or the family.

Practical, the magazine deals with all aspects of life: taxes, consumption, labor law, investments and insurance…

The cost of the subscription

There is a charge for subscription to Dossier Familial. This is a service billed at 11.90 euros per month by your Crédit Agricole branch.

How do I unsubscribe from Dossier Familial?

When opening an account with Crédit Agricole or setting up an overdraft, your bank adviser offers you the subscription. Sometimes it happens that the subscription is made without your consent.

To find out if you have subscribed to Dossier Familial, consult your account statements by subscribing to Crédit Agricole’s remote banking service.

If you notice a questionable direct debit, contact your bank adviser by email or telephone, or make an appointment directly at the counter of your branch.
Ask for explanations and demand unsubscription to the periodical.

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Your advisor will have you sign a termination slip. The unsubscription applies immediately.

Request reimbursement of contributions to Dossier Familial Crédit Agricole

From the moment you have signed a subscription contract for this publication, the monthly payments are due and cannot be recovered. Indeed, you have benefited from the sending by post of the Family file.

However, you can express your dissatisfaction with your Crédit Agricole branch by asking them for a free discount. If your request remains unanswered or is not appropriate, then write to the Crédit Agricole Customer Relations Department in the region to which you belong.

As a last resort, it is quite possible to contact the Crédit Agricole mediator. There is one for each regional mutual.

Refuse the subscription to the Family Folder subscription

When you open a bank account with Crédit Agricole, you benefit from the Dossier Familial publication free of charge for three months.

To avoid having to pay for the subscription, cancel it before the due date. Thus, you will not be debited for the monthly contribution.

However, the simplest solution is to decline your advisor’s proposal when you open your account. This will save you unnecessary steps.

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