Passing through Marrakech? Don’t miss the Souk and its Berber carpets

You have surely heard of these Berber rugs that add a touch of charm to your decoration. Among this category of rugs from Eastern countries, there is one that is clearly distinguished by its characteristics. The Beni Ouarain rug. We will bring you to discover and appreciate this decorative and artistic masterpiece.

Its origins and reputation

Its origins date back to at least 3000 BC The story goes that it was the sedentary nomads who brought the art of weaving Beni Ouarain rugs to the Berber peoples. In the past, it was generally used as a ground cover in the huge Berber tents in Morocco.

Originally, Beni Ouarain rugs were used as beds, and were also used to protect against the cold. For more than two decades, this type of carpet has become very popular with collectors and even interior designers and decorators from all over the world.

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The quality

This type of rug is exclusively hand-woven with natural wool. The wool used is that of sheep which are raised en masse in the mountainous regions of the Middle Atlas. It is with this wool, previously cleaned and worked according to traditional methods specific to these villages, that the carpet will be woven.

So for good carpet quality, one square meter of carpet can weigh about 3kg and be up to 3cm thick.

The originality of the patterns

One of the reasons that attract the covetousness of Beni Ouarain rugs is that it is very « designer ». It has very simple patterns that are inspired by geometric figures such as straight lines, diamonds, diagonals etc. Although being of simple pattern, they make very pretty and add a touch of originality to the carpet. Because of its patterns, it is able to adapt to all styles of decoration.

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The softness of the carpet

The softness of the wool is one of the particularities of the Beni Ouarain rug. Very pleasant to the touch, you’ll love spending time in it, sitting or lying down, it doesn’t matter, it truly offers a moment of priceless comfort.

If you choose this category of carpet, be sure you will not regret it.

Where to find his Berber carpets? If you are passing through Marrakech, visit the Souk, you will find many vendors.

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