How to refresh your house?

Often, when acquiring a house in its “jus”, it is necessary to carry out renovation work (paint, floor, electricity, plumbing, etc.). While some projects can be carried out without the help of a craftsman, others, on the other hand, require the know-how of a masonry company. What are the refreshing works accessible to any handyman? And how to refresh your house in the rules of the art? Follow all our advice to renovate your home as well as possible in terms of budget, time, equipment, insurance, authorization…

What does it mean to “refresh your house”?

Refreshing your house means carrying out finishing work. We are talking about renovation. The site can just as well concern the change of a room (bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.) as the installation of a new floor or new paintings on the wall.

The objective of refreshing (or renovating) a house concerns decoration or the improvement of energy performance. Generally, we proceed to refresh work when buying a house, before living there.

Refreshing your house may require modifications to the carpentry or glazing, the revision of the electrical system, the installation of new heating or air conditioning, the improvement of comfort in the house… It is possible to carry out your own -even the work or to call on a building company or a craftsman (painter, electrician, plumber, plasterer, etc.).

The right questions to ask yourself before refreshing your home yourself

Before starting the work yourself, you should take the time to reflect, whether in terms of expectations or technical or administrative constraints.

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Permissions: building permit, prior declaration of works, etc.

First, does the refreshment of your house require authorization from the municipality? It is better to consult the PLU (local urban plan) of the town hall before starting the construction site.

Indeed, some refreshment work, such as an extension or an opening, requires a building permit or a prior declaration of work. Whether you go through a craftsman or renovate your home yourself, it is mandatory to comply with the regulations.

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Technical constraints

Then you need to make sure that the work is actually doable. Will the foundations support the weight of what you are going to add? Whether you are considering pouring a slab or converting your attic, this is a question that must be asked.

If you plan to drill a partition or knock it down to open up a room or install a bay window, you must be certain that it is not a load-bearing wall. If in doubt about your skills, it is best to call on an architect or a general building company.

Advice : do-it-yourselfers who embark on renovation work often forget the pollution that a construction site generates. Between building materials, paints, flooring… a house can quickly saturate. You must therefore think about ventilation and air renewal. Perhaps it will be necessary to install air extractors or renovate the existing ones.

Standards and insurance

On the other hand, even if you have the necessary know-how to refresh your house yourself, you must work according to the rules of the art. This implies respecting the standards and recommendations.

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And you must also take out the necessary insurance for the smooth running of the work. The damage-work guarantee is essential, for example. Note that in the event of resale of the property, your responsibility as project owner may be engaged.

The budget allocated to the project

Finally, it is necessary to be interested in the question of the budget before refreshing your house. Have you planned a specific budget? Will it be enough to properly carry out your renovation project?

To avoid disappointment, it may be wise to call on a professional who will be able to plan the budget in detail. Also remember that if you carry out the work yourself, you will not have the same prices from suppliers to which construction companies are entitled.

What refreshments can you do yourself?

To refresh your house on your own, you need a minimum of skills and knowledge. However, some light renovation work remains within the reach of any do-it-yourselfer. Among them, the replacement of an electrical outlet, the installation of a mural or wallpaper… Generally, the finishing work is without difficulty.

On the other hand, construction sites concerning the structure of the house, the insulation, the plumbing, the electrical systems cannot be improvised. In the event of a problem, you could damage your property and put yourself in danger. For this type of work, it is therefore better to call on a building professional.

What tools are needed to refresh your home?

To renovate your house, you will need tools depending on the type of work. For example, to change the murals, you will have to invest in brushes, a paint tray, a roller…

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But for larger refreshments, the necessary equipment can be relatively expensive (scaffolding, concrete mixer, etc.). If you do not plan to use this equipment again once the renovation is complete, consider renting equipment. You will then be able to take advantage of higher-end equipment at a lower cost.

How long does it take to renovate your house?

When you plan to refresh your house to improve it, you need to have free time. Indeed, for a handyman, it is difficult to manage his time because the unexpected is legion in the construction sector. Especially since some work is subject to the vagaries of the weather. And tasks can only be completed once the first ones have been completed.

Then, if you live in the accommodation during the works, it is better to shorten the period during which you will not have access to water or electricity. For this, it is necessary to have a good organization and to plan its work accordingly. For the property to remain habitable, it is preferable to subcontract part of the work (insulation from the outside, replacement of windows, electricity, etc.).

Finally, remember that you are the one who will live in this house. It is therefore essential to prioritize your needs according to your desires and your lifestyle. The renovations done first should be useful to you on a daily basis. For example, if you regularly receive family who lives far away, it is better to refresh the guest bedroom and the living room first to accommodate everyone.

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