Which travel insurance to choose?

Going on vacation abroad cannot be improvised. Whatever the reason for your departure, you should take out insurance to avoid disappointments once there (accident, illness, theft, etc.). In the insurance market, there are several contracts. Discover the tips to find the one that suits you best, and at the best price. Everything you need to know about how to choose your travel insurance when you’re going to the other side of the world.

What is the point of taking out travel insurance?

Although optional, travel insurance is highly recommended if you are going abroad. Indeed, internationally, the guarantees provided by conventional insurance policies do not cover everything in the event of a problem. And unfortunately, on vacation, you are not immune to an incident such as theft of papers or car accident. Therefore, purchasing travel insurance before flying abroad gives you peace of mind.

Travel insurance includes a set of guarantees to deal with several types of unforeseen events: accident, illness, necessary repatriation, etc. And it offers several assistance services (sending medication, assistance in the event of theft of identity papers, juridic assistance…).

There are three main types of guarantees:

  • compensation for medical expenses and hospitalization abroad;
  • civil liability guarantee abroad;
  • repatriation assistance.

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How to choose your travel insurance?

It is not always easy to make the right choice between the different travel insurance contracts offered by the companies. Indeed, there are various insurances on the market.

First, it is essential to take stock of your needs:

  • in which foreign country are you going?
  • for what purpose (business travel, family vacations, etc.)?
  • for how long (more or less than three months)?
  • What guarantees are important to you (cancellation insurance, extreme sports, etc.)?
  • what budget do you have (maximum amount)?

By answering all these questions before approaching insurers, you will save precious time. Then, you will only have to compare the quotes of the insurers on the basis of the same services.

On the other hand, the travel insurance contract can be personalized in certain cases. Thanks to the competition on the niche, you can benefit from a tailor-made contract containing only the guarantees that really interest you.

Why choose travel insurance online?

Today, it is quite possible to choose a travel insurance contract online and subscribe to it remotely. And this, from any digital medium such as computer, tablet …

This means that the insurance contract is signed in a dematerialized way, without having to go to a physical agency. From now on, all insurance companies are present on the Internet and allow online subscription.

Thus, all the key steps from obtaining the estimate to the claim declaration will be carried out from the Internet. By not having to go to an agency, you will benefit from many advantages:

  • it is easy to get a quote, sometimes it only takes a few clicks;
  • then, you can easily compare the quotes of insurers from your sofa;
  • furthermore, it saves time;
  • Finally, be aware that an insurance policy purchased online is less expensive than a subscription in an agency because there are no management fees or intermediation commissions.
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Choose travel insurance with the online comparator

To find travel insurance at the best price, the trick is to use an online comparator. This will save you time in researching insurance products as well as money.

There are completely free, anonymous and easy to use online comparators. In a few minutes, you can access personalized quotes taking into account your profile and your needs.

To do this, simply complete the integrated online comparator form by entering the requested information. And when you have found the best insurer online, you can then purchase online.

Which travel insurance to choose? Tips for paying less.

As a first step, you should turn to your usual insurer. Request an appointment by phone or from the company’s website. Centralizing all your contracts with the same company has advantages in terms of management.

However, it is also a good idea to look to the competition to see what other insurance companies offer when it comes to travel coverage. This can allow you to save money by benefiting from advantageous rates with an insurer. In any case, the best technique to find travel insurance at the best price with the same benefits is to use an online comparator.

But, the goal is not to favor one company over another. In fact, it is the travel insurance contract that really matters. It is therefore necessary to compare the contracts with equal coverage.

Finally, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria before making a choice: availability of assistance teams, ease of use of the personal online space, ease of declaring a claim, etc. With this in mind, it is better to ask the right questions if you have someone in front of you: in the event of a claim, should I advance medical expenses, for example?

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Should you choose the insurance of your tour operator?

Whatever your means of reservation (online, on the travel agency’s website, in a physical agency), your tour operator will imperatively offer you “group” travel insurance (trip cancellation insurance only and / or comprehensive insurance covering you before and during the trip).

This is an obligation for the company to offer its client international coverage. But before giving an answer, take the time to consult the contents of the contract. And if you’re facing the tour operator, ask questions.

By going directly through the travel agency, the procedure is simpler. You can sign up the same day you book the trip. And the cost of the insurance policy will integrate the total price of the project. Thus, you will only have one payment to make.

On the other hand, be aware that with this kind of so-called group coverage, the contract will not be personalized. Indeed, it is very often the same for all vacationers.

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