Alliatys: all you need to know about this insurance

Alliatys means of payment insurance protects your check books and bank cards. Find out about the advantages of this Banque Postale guarantee. We tell you everything about the two existing formulas: characteristics, pricing, etc. Everything you need to know to terminate your Alliatys insurance contract and who to contact in the event of a request for information.

What is Alliatys?

Under this name, hides a insurance of your means of payment. This guarantee is offered by Banque Postale and is only available in France.

His goal ? Protect Banque Postale customers in the event of theft or loss of their means of payment (checkbook and credit card).

Easily take out this insurance contract by opening an account at Banque Postale.

Alliatys guarantees

Two formulas are offered by La Banque Postale:

  • Alliatys;
  • Alliatys Plus.

By subscribing to Alliatys insurance, you will be reimbursed in the following cases:

  • loss or theft of cards and checkbooks in the event of fraud;
  • theft of cash during an assault.

In order for the reimbursement to take place, you must nevertheless oppose your credit card in a 48 hour maximum delay after withdrawal.

When you oppose a stolen or lost check, or when renewing a credit card, fees are applied. With Alliatys insurance, you are exempt.

Provided you have chosen the Alliatys Plus formula, the protection is also valid for your checks and credit cards held in other banking establishments such as Crédit Agricole or Crédit Mutuel.

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If the theft also applies to your mobile phone, tablet, computer or other nomadic device, La Banque Postale will also reimburse part of the replacement price to customers of the superior package.

Contribution rates

The Alliatys contribution amounts to 24 euros per year if you have an individual account and 30 euros for a joint account.

For Alliatys Plus, the annual subscription is 37 euros for individual accounts and 46 euros for joint accounts.

An option can also be attached to the Alliatys Plus formula. This child option includes mobile devices owned by the children of the household.

The annual fee is 46 euros for an individual account and 55 euros for a joint account.

How to contact Alliatys?

To obtain more information on Alliatys insurance, it is possible to contact a Banque Postale advisor at the following number: 3639 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

On the Banque Postale website, you can also send a message via an online form. An email response will be sent to you.

Finally, you can write a letter to the following address:

Alliatys Payment Means Insurance

115 rue de Sèvres

75275 Paris Cedex 06

How to terminate Alliatys insurance at Banque Postale?

It is quite possible to terminate your Alliatys insurance contract free of charge. To terminate this payment guarantee, however, you have to wait until the end of the term.

You must send your request by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to Alliatys, specifying the reason for your termination. You can also contact your Banque Postale advisor.

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Note that in the event of a move, cessation of activity or retirement, termination can be made at any time.

Finally, in case of subscription for a joint account, you will have to provide two separate requests. Address your mail, enclosing a copy of your identity documents.

Payment and travel insurance?

You have certainly heard that you can benefit from travel insurance through your bank card, in case you need medical repatriation, cancellation of your trip (related to Covid or not ) or in the event of loss of luggage. Indeed, it is a solution that exists. Now, you will be asked to have paid for your purchase with your bank card. In addition, this will only be valid if you are traveling only with members of your family. If you took a rental with friends, it won’t work.

This is why it is better to choose independent travel insurance. This will make sure you are well covered. It is even more important in this time of health crisis when nothing is sure to organize your trip. It is therefore fashionable to ensure your trip with the best agency. To do this, we recommend that you take the time to compare several offers, as you would with any other type of insurance. So check the following points:

  • the price
  • the guarantees offered
  • conditions, such as ceilings
  • client’s opinion

You will be able to prepare your trip with confidence.

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