DRFIP transfer: what does it mean?

You consulted your last account statement, and there, surprise, you were credited with a certain DRFIP followed by the name of a region of France. Who is hiding under this label? What is it really about? Should you be worried about this unexpected DRFIP transfer? Scam or not? We take stock of this mysterious DRFIP which credited your account. Also find out what the DRFIP direct debit corresponds to. Focus on these two transactions.

What is the DRFIP transfer?

Under the acronym DRFIP hides the Regional Directorate of Public Finances. The transfer is in fact an operation ordered by the Public Treasury.

To find out the real reasons for this transfer, contact the Center des Finances Publiques in your region of residence.

You can also contact Impôts Service on 0810 467 687. These organizations can tell you about the nature of these payments to your bank account.

Good to know, generally, it is a refund of an overpayment by the tax authorities or a tax credit payment. If you hire a home worker or have renovations done, you can generate tax credits.

It can also be an exceptional bonus such as a birth bonus, Christmas bonus, etc. Payment of these allowances is made by bank transfer. Indeed, the Public Treasury favors this means to avoid administrative procedures (mailings, etc.).

DRFIP transfer, error in recipient

The tax administration uses this recourse to simplify its procedures and for the sake of speed. However, it is not immune to error…

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You may receive a payment that was not intended for you. There may also be an error in the transaction amount.

If in doubt, contact the branch of the tax services on which you depend in order to proceed with the regularization.

DRFIP direct debit, What is it about ?

The DRFIP can also make a direct debit from your account. Most often, the operation results from the payment of your tax schedule or an administrative fine.

It is possible to consult your personal account on the tax website for more details on this DRFIP levy.

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