Banque Postale online account: how to access it?

La Banque Postale is one of the local banking organizations that offer a complete offer. The bank also allows consultation and management of its accounts remotely, via the Internet. Thus, you can access your customer area at any time on a computer, digital tablet or mobile phone. Discover the procedure to follow to identify yourself online and be able to carry out operations remotely. Lost password, loss of identifier… We tell you all about the formalities to be carried out in the event of blocked access, and the precautions to be taken to avoid the hacking of confidential data.

Postal bank : presentation

La Banque Postale is a subsidiary of La Poste. This is a local banking institution that offers comprehensive offers.

La Banque Postale has approximately 10.7 million active individual customers. And it is a partner of more than 400,000 companies and other professionals in the social economy and the local public sector.

The financial organization offers its customers a range of products, banking and insurance services tailored to the needs of individuals. They can manage their money and their account on a daily basis. La Banque Postale also has offers for financing projects (consumer credit, mortgage, crowdfunding), savings and investment products, as well as damage, health and provident insurance.

You should also know that the organization provides its private customers with counters in post offices. And there is also a telephone number and an internet application available on a smartphone or digital tablet.

Mandatory information to access your online La Banque Postale accounts

To access your online Banque Postale accounts, you must log in to your customer area on the organization’s website. For this, you need your ID consisting of 10 digits.

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And to connect to your customer account, you will also have to enter your password using the mouse by clicking on each of the digits making up the secret code.

Please note, if identification is refused, check that all the digits of your identifier or confidential code have been entered correctly. When you make a mistake, cancel the entry by simply clicking on the « Clear » button.

Access my online account: where can i find my username?

Your 10-digit ID can be found on your individual account statement. If necessary, this information can be sent to you again, by letter. To make your request, you must contact 36 39 (0.15 cts/min + price of a call) or go to the counter of your post office.

To note : to receive your new username by mail, your details must be updated. In the event of a change of address, contact 36 39 or go to the nearest post office with proof of your new postal address. It can be a rent receipt or an invoice (electricity, water, gas, etc.).

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La Banque Postale online account identification

As a private customer of La Banque Postale, you can access your accounts by identifying yourself online on a computer or mobile.

On computer

Access to consultation and management of your accounts is exclusively on the pages of the La Banque Postale website And the site address must always start with https://

To note : to access your accounts, type the URL directly into your search engine. It is strongly advised not to use a link contained in an email that appears to come from La Banque Postale. It could be fraud.

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The procedure then turns out to be very simple. You enter your 10-digit ID using your computer keyboard. Then, you must enter the digits of your password using the virtual keyboard. This tool reinforces the security of your confidential code. Indeed, its recovery by a malicious person is more complex.

Finally, with regard to disconnection, precautions must also be taken. As soon as you no longer use the services of La Banque Postale, log out of your Internet customer space. Never leave your session open. An individual with physical access to your computer could then carry out operations on your behalf.

To disconnect, use the « Disconnection » button integrated on all the pages of the Internet customer area. Also note that the service automatically disconnects after 10 minutes of non-use.

On mobile

The operating mode remains the same on mobile. Beforehand, you will have downloaded the La Banque Postale application corresponding to your smartphone or digital tablet (Google Store, App Store):

However, you should know that mobile use presents more risks in the following situations:

  • when you type your confidential data in a public place, make sure that no one sees the information on the screen;
  • on the other hand, your telephone contains personal information which can be used without your knowledge, in the event of loss or theft of your device;
  • Finally, always make sure your connection is secure if you are using a Wi-Fi or 3G/Edge network. Activate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions only when necessary because these functions can be the source of a hacking of your data.

So, for more security, protect your mobile phone with a confidential code, install and update security solutions such as antivirus, antispam, firewall. And in case of sensitive operations, make sure that your mobile and your connection are secure.

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Forgot your password : how to do ?

Steps to follow

Have you forgotten or lost your password to access your online accounts? To receive a new secret code by mail, the procedure is very simple. Simply make your request by contacting La Banque Postale directly via the number 36 39. Note that you can also complete the formalities by going to a post office or on the Internet. In the latter case, you will need to provide your username and your account number.

On the other hand, in the event of three unsuccessful attempts, access to your account will be temporarily suspended. An hour later, you will have the opportunity to try your luck again.

Confidential code: precautions to take

And in terms of secret code, precautions are also to be taken. First, your password should never be disclosed to a third party. Moreover, the virtual keyboard protects you from the risk of online fraud. Your La Banque Postale customer area is located in a secure environment guaranteeing the confidentiality of information. And the data exchanged is protected by encryption.

Then, a secret code is totally personal. Try to memorize it without writing it down anywhere. It is also recommended to modify it regularly, at least once a year, using a combination of numbers that is difficult to find. For example, do not choose your date of birth as a password.

Finally, be aware that La Banque Postale will never ask you to send it your confidential code by telephone, post or Internet.

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