Borrow with a salary of 2000 euros

Need a loan to buy real estate or build? Before being the owner of an apartment or a house, you have to canvass the banks. Beforehand, would you like to know your borrowing capacity? With a salary of 2000 euros, how much money can you be lent by the bank? Discover all the tips for borrowing money with a modest or intermediate salary. Benefit from a loan with income of 2000 euros net per month.

Getting loaned money with 2000 euros of income

With a monthly salary of 2000 euros, you can absolutely qualify for a mortgage. The maximum rate of indebtedness allowed by the banks is 33%. You can therefore ensure the repayment of the loan over a period of 30 years (with monthly payments of 660 euros).

Be aware, however, that the banking organization is not satisfied only with this data to grant or not a loan. He takes other criteria into account before making his decision. Among them, there is the rest to live. This term refers to the amount the borrower needs to support himself. To determine this amount, the bank bases itself on the professional situation of the borrower, as well as on his personal situation. The existence (or not) of a co-borrower as well as the number of children will be decisive. The larger the family, the greater the amount of the remainder to live on.

Finally, the bank will verify that you have no other outstanding credit. Some borrowers are denied their loan due to exceeding the 33% threshold. In this case, it is recommended to group the different credits. By extending the loan period, the maximum amount of the monthly payment will not be exceeded.

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Tips for getting a home loan on a low income

To have your loan application accepted by a bank, you first need a good file. No matter the amount of income. Whether you earn a comfortable salary or not, the bank will be sensitive to the way you keep your accounts (absence of overdraft, for example). It will also take into account your professional stability. Permanent contracts are strongly preferred.

Also be reasonable in asking for a decent sum. Small loan applications have a high chance of success. You can also count on a low borrowing rate if you are not greedy.

Finally, the banking establishment will sympathize with the efforts if you have savings. Having savings shows the bank that you know how to save money. A good point to pass your file!

Small salary, zero interest loan

There are several mechanisms to enable low-income and intermediate households to access property. Thanks to these aids, it is easier to borrow with a salary of 2000 euros net per month.

The zero rate loan (PTZ) is one of the best known loans. Contracted, it is not subject to any fees or interest. Namely, the amount of the PTZ varies according to several criteria: place of purchase, number of occupants, age of the accommodation and purchase price.

On the other hand, this loan cannot finance the entire project. It must be accompanied by another loan or a personal contribution.

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