What does your moon sign reveal about your personality?

How to understand your moon sign?

Since it moves about 13.5 degrees per day the Moon moves from sign to sign faster than almost any celestial body discussed in astrology. She spends about two to three days in each sign, so you need to work out your birth chart or use an online moon sign calculator to determine where she was when you were born.

Here’s what your moon sign actually means to you:

Moon sign in Aries


If your moon sign is Aries, you feel more fulfilled when you are in an environment that allows you to talk about your feelings. You have an emotional urge to be the first. You are easily inspired and can jump into things before you realize if that’s what you really want. But you also like to be challenged and stand up for the things you believe in.

Moon sign in Taurus


Do you have a moon sign in Taurus? Your love language comes in the form of gifts and you want to be comfortable in life. Nothing wrong with that, but it could make you more likely to stay in a bad situation or bad relationship if the material side is good.

Moon sign in Gemini


If your moon sign is in Gemini, you need to be heard and listened to, in life and at work. Not necessarily just to get people to communicate with you, but to be welcomed and understood. This is also true in relationships: you need a partner who is a good communicator, or it won’t work.

You have a constant urge to work to feel content and at ease in your inner spirit.

Moon sign in Cancer


With a moon sign in Cancer, you are very emotional and tend to have a lot of feelings. You want to take care of others, but deep down you also want to make sure that you are taken care of as well. Just a warning: you can hang on to relationships because you don’t want to waste all the energy and effort you put into it, which makes letting go painful.

Moon sign in Leo


If your moon sign is Leo, you like to shine, and you want to be the center of attention. You have an emotional need to be appreciated, both in relationships and at work. You like to have fun and party, and can be very generous and loyal with your friends. Just remember that people are changing and not always deserve your love.

Moon sign in Virgo


If your moon sign is Virgo, you like to get your life in order. You need people to understand that you are not critical, you are looking for perfection. However, remember that perfection is not always possible. Let it go!

You are also happy and fulfilled when you feel like you are living a healthy lifestyle. You can be picky in your relationships, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Moon sign in Libra


Do you have a moon sign in Libra? You love relationships and are always looking for your other half. You need peace and harmony, in relationships and in the world. You tend to be very easygoing and people naturally gravitate towards you. The downside: your desire to be a natural peacemaker can sometimes play tricks on you!

Moon sign in Scorpio


Is your moon sign Scorpio? You are intense at times and may have trust issues, but you are also a very intuitive person. You know when people lie to you and hate when people keep secrets from you. You have to learn to trust your gut or you will end up being totally paranoid that people will hurt you.

Moon sign in Sagittarius


With a moon sign in Sagittarius, you want … everything! You thirst for freedom, to travel the world and to know as much as possible. You can be unhappy when you feel trapped, whether in a relationship or by the circumstances of life. You need to be with someone who will allow you to grow and not keep you tied down, and who will be candid with you. You are afraid of being judged, but you also tend to judge others. You tend to get caught up in debates, and you like to be right. Just know that it won’t happen every time.

Moon sign in Capricorn


If your moon sign is in Capricorn, you’re worried that everything might not be right, and you like to be prepared for anything. But, sometimes you over-prepare, which can prevent you from seizing new opportunities. In relationships, you are very loyal once you make a commitment. It may take you a little while to get to this point. You have an emotional need to be respected and understood. You are very responsible, but learn to set limits!

Moon sign in Aquarius


With your moon sign in Aquarius, you have a strong need to be different and to find your place. You need to be honored for your genius and need people to know that you are unique.

You enjoy experiences with people, places and situations different from those you grew up with, and you are often drawn to people from different cultures and countries. Yet you are still looking for a place to fit in. If you are not able to have new experiences, you may feel detached from the people around you, which is why it is so crucial for you to travel when you can.

Moon sign in Pisces


Do you have your moon sign in Pisces? You are the romantic of the zodiac and want to be loved exactly the way you are. But you tend to feel like a personal victim when you feel like life is unfair or someone is treating you badly. You thrive when you can do something that helps relieve pain, even if it’s as easy as helping a friend.

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