Can you open an account while being banned from banking?

A ban on banking and filing at the Banque de France close many doors. Indeed, establishments are proving to be quite cautious when it comes to opening an account subject to banking restrictions. However, being registered with the Banque de France does not imply the closing or banning of an account. Discover all the particularities of the right to an account. And follow our advice to assert your rights. Everything you need to know to open an account while being banned from banking!

What does it mean to be “banned from banking”?

The causes

In the event of an NSF check and if you do not rectify the situation, your name will be entered in the Central Check File of the Banque de France. This filing lasts five years. And during this whole period, the banking ban can no longer issue checks.

Note that if the issue of the NSF check comes from a joint account, the banking ban concerns both holders.

The consequences of a banking ban

First, the account holder has an obligation to return all his checkbooks to his bank. The establishment may also decide to withdraw their bank card. Therefore, the banking ban only has very limited means of payment to pay for purchases. Especially since the banking ban concerns all accounts, even those of other banks.

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However, you should know that filing at the Banque de France does not imply the closing of the bank account. Indeed, access to basic banking services remains a right. Thus, even if you are subject to a banking ban, you can continue to benefit from basic services (consultation of monthly statements, check cashing, deposit and withdrawal of money, payment by direct debit, etc.).

On the other hand, the banking interdict can have two bank checks per month and a payment card with systematic authorization.

Is it possible to open an account while being banned from banking?

If your bank has authorized itself to modify the account agreement to close it, know that you have the right to the account. In other words, as a bank ban, you have the option of opening an account in another bank. In summary, people registered with the Banque de France have every right to have a bank account.

The right to an account is open to anyone domiciled in France, regardless of nationality. And it is also customary for people of French nationality residing abroad.

To know : the use of the right to the account also works for professional accounts.

Banking ban and account opening: how to do it?

Go to a bank

The first thing to do is to contact a bank to request the opening of an account within their establishment.

If the bank refuses to open a bank account for you because of your situation, ask for a certificate of refusal to open it. The financial organization must provide you with the document without delay.

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Make a request to the Banque de France

If a bank refuses, ask the Banque de France to appoint a financial institution to open an account for you.

You can apply in several ways:

  • by contacting the bank which refuses to open an account. Demand that it transmits in your name and free of charge, a request for the right to the account;
  • you can also go to the counter of the Banque de France to complete an account right form. Then, return it directly to the counter;
  • Finally, you also have the option of sending your request for the right to an account to the Banque de France by ordinary mail.

How do I complete the account request form?

Complete the application form for the right to an account (available on the Banque de France website) specifying the place of opening (city, district, etc.).

Attach the following supporting documents to the application form:

  • valid identity document;
  • certificate of refusal to open an account issued by a bank;
  • sworn statement attesting that you do not have a bank account in your name;
  • proof of address less than three months old (rent receipt, electricity bill, last tax notice, etc.).

The Banque de France then has one working day from receipt of the complete file to designate a bank for you. This will be required to open an account for you. You will receive a letter from the Banque de France informing you of its choice.

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How does the opening of an account take place when you are prohibited from banking?

The bank where you are going to open your bank account may ask you for supporting documents in addition to your identity document and proof of address. Upon receipt of all the requested documents, the establishment has three days to open your account.

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And the bank also has an obligation to offer you basic banking services free of charge, namely:

  • opening, maintaining and closing an account;
  • one change of address per year;
  • a bank transfer direct debit;
  • the issuance of bank details without limit;
  • sending a monthly statement;
  • carrying out banking operations;
  • cash deposit and withdrawal;
  • the cashing of checks and bank transfers;
  • payment by direct debit, TIP or bank transfer;
  • the payment card with systematic authorization;
  • the means of remote consultation;
  • the possibility of having two bank checks per month.

As a bank ban, you will not have a checkbook. The bank can however authorize the credit card.

What if the bank closes your account?

The bank can close your bank account. But for this, it must justify its decision by sending you a letter as well as to the Banque de France. And the banking establishment must also give you a period of 45 days before the effective closing of the account.

If you are having difficulty opening an account again in another bank, submit a request to the Banque de France. The number of remedies is unlimited!

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