Contactless payment

In everyday life, contactless payment is intended to be practical by facilitating transactions. When paying for your purchases, simply place your credit card on the terminal. But, is it really a secure payment method? And how does it actually work? Find out everything you need to know about contactless payment in France and abroad, using your credit card or mobile.

How it works ?

Contactless payment works using shortwave communication technology. Only a chip in the bank card and a payment terminal are necessary.

Now, most bank cards have contactless technology. This materializes in the form of a pictogram representing waves, which is located next to the chip.

If ever you do not wish to use this function, all you have to do is ask your bank advisor. Contactless payment can then be deactivated.

How to pay contactless with your credit card?

To pay for a purchase, all you have to do is hold your card a few centimeters from the payment terminal, facing the symbol, for a few seconds. You don’t have to type in a PIN. The transaction takes place automatically.

How to pay contactless with your phone?

To pay contactless with your mobile phone, you must be equipped with a smartphone with an NFC chip. This allows the communication of secure data remotely with a payment terminal.

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On the other hand, your bank must also offer a mobile payment solution. Moreover, some banks are positioning themselves as mobile banks.

If these two conditions are met, you can pay contactless with your mobile phone by holding the device close to the terminal.

Is it secure?

Contactless payment brings the same level of security than a traditional payment, i.e. by entering the confidential code.

And in the event of theft or fraud, you benefit from the same guarantees. Transactions carried out without your knowledge are fully reimbursed.

On the other hand, the data accessible without contact are the card number and the expiry date. This information, even captured by fraudsters, is not sufficient to create a new card, make a purchase remotely or withdraw money from an ATM.

What is the maximum contactless payment amount?

For security reasons, cards without payment have a limit. Thus, it is possible to pay for a purchase via contactless up to a maximum of 30 euros. Before 2017, the ceiling was limited to 20 euros.

On the other hand, most French banks have incorporated another ceiling. The objective is then to strengthen security to prevent fraud. Generally, it is impossible to exceed an amount of 50 or 100 euros of purchases per day. Once the threshold is reached, you have to wait until the next day to make other contactless purchases. On the other hand, you can pay without any problem by dialing your confidential code to restart the payment limit.

To note : random checks can also be carried out by banks without having exceeded the authorized threshold. In this case, you must type your confidential code.

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What are the advantages ?

Contactless payment allows you to settle your transactions up to 30 euros without having to insert your credit card into the terminal. This represents a time saving for both buyer and seller.

On the other hand, this system makes it possible to pay for small purchases in local shops, and thus avoid encumbering you with change.

To know : contactless payment can also replace cash in certain vending machines such as drink vending machines or parking terminals.

Can I pay abroad with a contactless credit card?

Many merchants accept contactless payment, including abroad. In this case, the payment is made according to the same methods as in France. The procedure and the signage are identical.

On the other hand, from one country to another, the limit for using contactless payment may vary.

Can I oppose a contactless payment?

You should know that the contactless bank card remains a means of payment equipped with a chip. Therefore, it is possible to have your credit card hacked. In any case, it is better to remain vigilant.

If you notice fraudulent transactions on your account, contact your bank immediately. And object as if it were theft or loss.

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