CB conso.internet direct debit: what does it correspond to?

By consulting your account statement, you have noticed a « CB consumption.internet » transaction. What does this mysterious name correspond to? What online purchase is it linked to? We explain to you what the CB conso.internet direct debit means, which has nothing to do with your Internet provider. Far from there…

What purchase on the Internet does the CB conso.internet direct debit correspond to?

You have noticed several debits under the wording CB conso.internet on your account statement, and you would like to know what they may correspond to?

In reality, Conso.Internet is a service provider. He works directly with charming sites. The conso.internet service is offered by Secucb. It is a telephone support that manages your purchases and subscriptions in a completely secure way. CB conso internet is interesting for regular users, but much less for occasional users!

No need to have consulted an erotic site to be sampled. Maybe someone you know used your credit card number to make the transaction. When this was done, a subscription was set up without you realizing it.

To control the amounts withdrawn from your bank account, monitor the various debits made.

How to stop conso.internet direct debits?

To stop Secucb’s conso.internet operations as soon as possible, contact your bank adviser without delay to make an appointment. List all the samples that seem suspicious to you.

Your credit card has a means of payment insurance. But, when you entered your credit card number, an electronic contract was signed between the service provider and you. The sums will therefore not be refunded to you by your bank. Indeed, it is not a question of fraud with the credit card, but of a dispute.

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The solution to stop being charged by conso.internet is to oppose your credit card. Thus, operations will cease. Contact Secu CB’s customer service to claim reimbursement of direct debits and have the subscription stopped. Contact can be made by email: support@consointernet.com or info@consointernet.com.

To avoid being confronted with this kind of situation, take the lead! You can ask your bank to set up payment on the Internet via e-Carte Bleue or V Pay. You will no longer have to enter your credit card number! This way you will avoid being the victim of a scam or fraud.

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