Macif blue anise account: the complete guide

Macif is a name well known to the French. For more than fifty years, this company has been working in the insurance field. But what is less known is that La Macif also offers a bank account. This is the anise blue account. So what is it really about? Find out everything you need to know about this banking service offered to La Macif members. Advantages, conditions, prices… Focus on the Bleu Anis account of La Macif!

The Macif: who is this ?

Macif is a French mutual insurance group company. But it also offers a bank account reserved for its members. This is the Bleu anis account. The company’s headquarters are based in Niort, in the Deux-Sèvres department.

Since 1960, La Macif has offered simple and accessible offers to support its member customers in the different stages of their lives. In addition, the company’s expertise revolves around three main areas:

  • the damage insurance division for motor vehicles, two-wheelers, home and leisure. Note that in 2016, La Macif was named the leading insurance company in terms of the number of car and two-wheeler contracts in France.
  • the Health and Welfare division (individual and collective);
  • the Finance, Savings and Asset Management division.

Note that as of December 31, 2018, Macif had more than 5.4 million member customers, including 172,000 bank customers (122,000 current accounts and 66,000 passbooks). It also has more than 10,000 employees. In France, there are more than 500 physical reception points and 25 telephone centers are available to customers.

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Finally, note that in 2015, the Macif group adopted a new project called #macifutur. This is a strategic plan for 2020 directing the group towards digital.

Open a Bleu anis account: how to do ?

To open a blue anis account, all you have to do is be a member of La Macif. This consists of having an insurance contract within the company (regardless of the contract). The offer is available in almost half of La Macif’s reception centres.

Online, just enter your phone number to be called back by a La Macif advisor. He will then take care of the steps to open your blue anis account. Here is the link:

The advantages of the Bleu Anis account

The Bleu anis account from La Macif is a current account offer. Macif, in partnership with its banking subsidiary Socram Banque, offers members of the mutual a banking solution combining:

  • listening to all customers, regardless of their financial capacity;
  • quality services for all customers;
  • competitive price positioning (good value for money).

The Bleu anis bank account is positioned halfway between the accounts offered by traditional banks (Crédit Agricole, Caisse d’Epargne, etc.) and those of online banks such as Boursorama or Fortuneo. However, compared to online banks, the Bleu Anis account does not have equivalent investment offers (PEA, securities account, etc.) or loan offers. For example, real estate credit does not exist.

To know : by having a Bleu anis bank account, you benefit from a 5% reduction on insurance contributions for car, two-wheeler and complementary health policies (subject to conditions).

banking services

The Bleu anis bank account is a remunerated current account. Accessible without conditions of income or domiciliation, it contains a package of products and services, including:

  • a credit card ;
  • cash withdrawals in the euro zone;
  • payment means insurance;
  • transfers and direct debits;
  • a premium deductible on authorized overdrafts;
  • oppositions on check or check book;
  • a cap on intervention fees on unauthorized overdrafts.
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On the other hand, La Macif’s banking offer includes all regulated passbooks: livret A, LDD and LEP. It also contains a young person’s savings account, a taxed passbook account as well as housing savings products. Finally, La Macif offers consumer loans to carry out various projects (purchase of a vehicle, work in the house, etc.).

The rates

Macif ranks 7th among the 127 cheapest banks in France. For example, holding a standard account is free, while most banks charge for this service. On the other hand, La Macif charges the holding of an inactive account up to 30 euros per year.

Insurance for theft or loss of means of payment costs 12 euros per year, which represents a lower cost compared to the rates applied by other establishments.

On the other hand, the Internet subscription is free unlike the SMS alert service which is billed at the price of 12 euros per year (unlimited SMS).

Account opening conditions

To open a Bleu anis account at La Macif, you simply need to be a member of La Macif. However, nothing obliges you to have a significant insurance contract within the company. Indeed, all customers of the mutual insurance company have the status of members, without distinction.

How to connect to the bleu anis account?

To connect to your space and consult your bank accounts, the procedure is very simple. Click on the green button “Access my spaces”, present on the home page (top right).

Then click on “Bank space”. This then corresponds to your blue anise account. Then, enter your username using your numeric keypad. And type your password using the virtual keyboard. It is a fully secure tool.

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Lost ID: where and how to get it?

In case of lost identifier, you have the possibility to request a new one. The process is carried out online, on the establishment’s website:

Enter your username as well as your date and department of birth to prove your identity. Also copy the characters displayed for security reasons.

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