Rental: the obligations of the owner

Rental can be defined as the action of renting a property for a given period, it must be made by a contract which defines the obligations and rights of the two parties who are the property, the owner and the tenant. .

The rental contract is also called the lease contract, the owner takes the name of a lessor and the tenant takes that of the lessee.

What are the main obligations of a landlord towards his tenant?

When you decide to rent a property, you must be aware of all your rights, in other words you must know the main obligations of the landlord of your accommodation towards you. These obligations can be summarized in five, which we will try to see together later.

1st bond: the landlord must give decent and correct housing

That said, the landlord must deliver to his tenant a correct and habitable accommodation in good condition, with compliant equipment that does not represent any risk that could affect the safety or health of the tenant.

2nd bond: the owner-lessor must be responsible for maintenance, repair and operation

In the event that the accommodation dedicated to the rental is not in good condition, the owner is under the obligation to make all the necessary repairs at his own expense, otherwise, it is possible that the tenant takes care of it, but in return for a reduction in the amount of rent for a predefined period. All this must be formally mentioned on the lease contract, in order to avoid any possible problem between the two parties.

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3rd bond: the owner must guarantee a quiet and peaceful accommodation to the tenant

The landlord must take care to guarantee his tenant a certain peace of mind, after signing the contract, the landlord no longer has the right to disturb the tenant such as, for example, accessing the accommodation without authorization or keeping the keys. As for the disturbances mentioned by third parties, namely noises or works, the owner cannot be held responsible.

4th duty: the tenant must receive a rent receipt from his landlord after each payment

Each time the tenant makes a payment to his landlord, the lessor must in return issue a receipt which clearly specifies the amount of the rent, as well as all the rental charges, in the event of a partial payment, the tenant has the full right to request a receipt for this part.

5th bond: the owner must not oppose the arrangements that his tenant wishes to make

The tenant may make certain adjustments subject to notifying the owner. All the same, these arrangements must not constitute any change in the accommodation.

To allow a good rental process, there are certain obligations that the tenant must respect towards his lessor and others that the landlord must ensure to his tenant. It is a necessity for both.

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