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Present throughout France, Crédit Agricole is one of the local banking establishments. Moreover, the organization offers a complete range of banking services. But each local bank has its own specificities. Find out more about Crédit Agricole Val de France in terms of means of payment, savings, credit, life insurance, damage insurance, etc. Before opening an account and becoming a member of the establishment, find out about the CA Val of France !

Who is Crédit Agricole Val de France?

In every corner of France, there is a Crédit Agricole branch. Indeed, the bank is part of the landscape in the banking and insurance sector. Moreover, it is aimed at both individuals and companies. And farmers and local authorities can also open an account in the establishment. On the other hand, it should be noted that the turnover is also present in 47 other countries of the world, thus totaling more than 52 million customers.

In France, there are more than 2,440 local and regional funds. Together, they hold most of the capital of the 39 regional mutuals. And in each CA branch, employees offer a wide range of banking products, thus covering all local markets.

Among the regional banks, there is Crédit Agricole Val de France, which brings together the departments of Eure-et-Loir and Loir-et-Cher. 1,200 employees advise CA Val de France customers in 113 branches.

Open an account at Crédit Agricole Val de France

To open an account and become a Crédit Agricole Val de France customer, simply complete the online form: %20:%20I%20wish%20to become%20client.An adviser will contact you by phone or email to offer you an appointment at the branch. And he will then proceed to open the bank account.

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You also have the possibility of reaching an adviser by telephone by dialing 02 37 88 32 76 (non-surcharged call). And an advisor can also call you back directly. To do this, enter your phone number in the reserved field, by following the following link: .html

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Crédit Agricole Val de France banking services

The EKO offer at €2 per month

Crédit Agricole Val de France offers the EKO by CA offer billed at 2 euros per month. This banking service consists of a card and an application. It is accessible without commitment or income condition.

The EKO by CA offer at €2/month consists of:

  • a balance-check Mastercard that can be used anywhere in the world;
  • cash withdrawals from all Crédit Agricole ATMs;
  • a flat rate of 25 withdrawals per year in other ATMs in France and in EU countries;
  • the possibility of paying without contact or via Paylib;
  • a balance control card so you don’t end up overdrawn;
  • insurance and assistance guarantees included to facilitate travel;
  • the Ma Banque application to manage and consult your account in real time, and remotely;
  • an SMS alert in the event of a balance of less than €20;
  • no overdraft allowed.

The “Compte à Composer” offer

The “Compte à Composer” offer is one of Crédit Agricole’s benchmark products. This is a banking service made up of a base and several modules, to be selected according to your profile: Secure account, Overdraft control, Insurance budget, Managed savings, @insured follow-up and A la carte options.

The base contains the services necessary to operate the account on a daily basis, and it also includes:

  • Internet, Mobile Internet and telephone access;
  • the possibility of receiving your checkbook by post;
  • unlimited access to current operations to manage your account;
  • an SMS alert;
  • a promotional offer on the Dossier Familial magazine.
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However, it is mandatory to meet certain criteria to qualify for the “Compte à Composer” offer:

  • to be of age ;
  • have an account with CA Val de France;
  • not be in a difficult financial situation. If applicable, you will only be entitled to the Protected Budget.

Also note that the subscription to the service is valid for one year, with tacit renewal.

Crédit Agricole Val de France bank cards

CA Val de France offers its private customers several bank cards:

  • the Mastercard card to pay for purchases anywhere in the world;
  • the Visa Classic card integrating additional insurance and assistance services to simplify your travels in France and around the world;
  • the Gold Mastercard in order to benefit from significant withdrawal and payment limits;
  • the World Elite Mastercard and its many advantages;
  • the Visa Premier card to pay and withdraw money in France and abroad with ease;
  • the Visa Infinite card, the limits of which can be personalized;
  • the Mastercard Cartwin to pay in cash or on credit;
  • the Gold Mastercard Cartwin with additional privileges;
  • the Visa Premier Cartwin card to pay cash or on credit, in addition to benefiting from advantages;
  • the Mozaic payment card, open to young people from the age of 12;
  • the corporate bank card;
  • finally, there is the other card which is a real payment card, but at a low price (16.62 euros per year).

Other Crédit Agricole Val de France services


With its products and savings accounts, Crédit Agricole Val de France enables its individual customers to:

  • tackle the preparation of a real estate purchase;
  • develop your savings;
  • preparing for retirement;
  • save money for family;
  • build up available savings;
  • optimize its taxation.

Among the many savings products, there are therefore:

  • two death insurance policies (Floriane and Predissime 9 Series 2);
  • Towards the future, insurance savings reserved for children;
  • the Housing Savings Account (CEL);
  • the Housing Savings Plan (PEL);
  • the sustainable and solidarity development booklet;
  • the young Mozaic booklet;
  • booklet A;
  • the Tlwl booklet for children;
  • the popular retirement savings plan for seniors…
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The insurance

Crédit Agricole Val de France offers its individual customers several insurance policies in order to:

  • insuring and protecting your home (housing insurance);
  • cover his car or two wheels;
  • insure the car of young drivers;
  • protect people and their loved ones;
  • protect the mortgage;
  • support leisure activities and daily life.

Mortgage and consumer credit

Several mortgages are offered by Crédit Agricole Val de France, including:

  • Zero Rate Loan (PTZ);
  • Housing Solutions Works Loans;
  • First Purchase Home Solution;
  • Social Accession Loan (PAS)…

Crédit Agricole Val de France also provides its customers with consumer credit to finance their license or car and carry out their personal projects (permit loan at one euro per day, student loan, etc.).

The rates of Crédit Agricole Val de France

Account opening, transfer and closure are free services. On the other hand, there are account maintenance fees which amount to 12.20 euros per year (free for 18-25 year olds).

On the other hand, subscription to remote banking services is free. As for the SMS service, it is billed at 0.76 euros per month (free for holders of an account to compose).

Find all the rates applied to 1er January 2019 on the CA Val de France website:

Online account access

Just click on the « Access my accounts » button, located at the top right of the CA Val de France home page. The other possibility is to follow the following link directly:

Then type in your 11-digit ID using your numeric keypad. Then enter your confidential code made up of 6 digits using the virtual keyboard available to you.

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