How do I deposit cash at bforbank?

There are more and more online banks. Their functionalities are there and make it possible to offer a new banking experience to users. It is an additional comfort that few people will deny.

The difference between online banks and traditional banks is very important. We mainly find there a much more attractive (and economical) cost management as well as a new relationship of trust that is established between the customer and the online bank.

Digital technology is there to improve the comfort and daily life of people. But he is not there to replace man. This can be seen in one specific aspect of online banking: cash deposit.

Merchants and other individuals will use cash more frequently than credit cards or checks, which are on the way out… It is not uncommon to see people offer money to family members , etc. Only, how are the holders of online bank accounts going to collect the money on their current account, knowing that there is no physical agency since everything is digitally controlled ? This is what we will see at the heart of this article.

BforBank, a bank reserved for high-end customers?

Before discussing the solutions available to collect cash correctly on the current account, we will make a quick presentation of the online bank, BforBank, which belongs to Crédit Agricole. Unlike other competing banks, BforBank cannot use the physical presence of Crédit Agricole branches.

It’s a high end bank with relatively standard access conditions. It is requested to justify a minimum of 1200€/month to become a client. It includes the classic services that we are looking for, such as solutions for investing money and earning it (or losing it depending on certain investments) and savings offers.

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The services offered are particularly numerous and furnished. Support from advisors is more than qualitative. We only regret the absence of two offers: for young people and families, as well as a specific offer intended for professionals and microentrepreneurs.

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Cash deposit at BforBank

Due to the absence of bank branches, BforBank cannot allow cash to be deposited in its current account. This is a considerable weak point for people who perform certain trades where they can receive tips.

Nevertheless, we have a good solution to present to you. It can be described as « restrictive », but it remains effective and efficient. That’s what’s most important!

First of all, you should not close your traditional bank account. This involves using BforBank as a second bank, a sort of back-up bank. The money you will have to deposit must be made in a physical agency that allows it.

A few hours later, it will be deposited in the current account of the traditional bank. All you have to do is make the corresponding transfer to your BforBank account.

Thus, in a few days, the money deposited in a bank branch will officially be in your online bank account!

Be aware, however, that it is possible to cash a check in complete peace of mind with BforBank!

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