What is the Chubb european group limited direct debit?

Every month you see a SEPA direct debit with a strange name… What company is hiding under the name of Chubb European Group Limited? And what could these debits on your bank account correspond to? Find out who is hiding behind these often abusive levies. Is it a scam or not? Everything you need to know to cancel the subscription: procedures, costs, contact details of the group… Thanks to our advice, stop the Chubb European Group Limited direct debit from your bank account.

Chubb European Group Limited: What is that ?

Chubb European Group Limited is actually the name of an insurance company present in about fifty countries in the world. Listed on the stock exchange, it offers its customers a wide variety of insurance products (home, travel, mobile, family, real estate investment, children’s schooling, etc.).

Note that these products are intended for both natural and legal persons, including communities, VSEs and SMEs. Prior to 2017, this insurance company was called ACE EUROPEAN. If the name has changed, the principle remains the same.

Chubb European Group Limited Direct Debit: the reasons

If Chubb European Group Limited debits money from your account each month, you must have recently subscribed to an offer offered to private individuals. It can be a guarantee on the protection of the family, on your home or on your travels.

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On the other hand, it is possible that the subscription to the insurance concerns your smartphone. If you bought your mobile phone from Orange, Free, Bouygues Télécom or SFR, the direct debit may come from there.

Indeed, at the time of the subscription of the contract relating to your mobile phone, the seller was able to sell you a mobile insurance included in the package. Sometimes the operation can be performed without you paying attention to it. When you took out a subscription with the mobile telephone operator, you had to tick a box in the contract mentioning this guarantee.

It is therefore recommended to check that the box is unchecked before signing the general conditions of sale of the contract. Otherwise, this clause commits you for a fixed period of one year. Throughout this period, your mobile phone will be covered by insurance in the event of material damage, theft or fraudulent communication.

Note: if you have any doubts about whether or not to take out this mobile insurance, contact your mobile phone shop where you took out the contract without delay. You have 15 days to reconsider the subscription.

Is it possible to get reimbursed for these charges?

If stopping abusive debits proves possible, it will be more complicated on the other hand to be reimbursed for the sums deducted.

Indeed, to receive compensation, you will have to contest the fact that you have not read the general conditions of sale. The only possibility is to contact CHUBB Group customer service and request an amicable solution.

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In the event of a dispute, you can also contact the mediator of the French Insurance Federation or approach a consumer association.

Are there termination fees?

Since the Chatel law of 2005, cancellation fees have been abolished. You can therefore terminate your contract without having to pay any additional costs.

Termination of your Chubb European Group Limited insurance contract: how to proceed ?

You have the option of terminating your Chubb European Group Limited insurance contract on the anniversary date. You must then make your request by mail. The complaint must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

In the fold, explain your desire to terminate as well as the reason. Attach a copy of your valid identity document. And if you moved after signing the contract, attach a copy of proof of address with your new address. Finally, mention your contract number as well as your mobile phone number to which the subscription is attached.

By doing this, Chubb European Group Limited direct debits will cease on your bank account.

And to claim a request for early termination, that is to say without waiting for the anniversary date, you must justify your request. A valid reason such as an inability to pay or a change in marital status may justify your request. Supporting documents will then be requested. But be aware that for any request, anticipated or not, a notice of one month must be respected.

Note: it is also possible to ask your bank for advice. In consultation with your bank adviser, you can object to direct debits. However, be aware that this type of procedure may have consequences in the context of a mobile insurance contract. The Chubb Group may put you on file for litigation by accusing you of non-payment or unpaid.

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How to contact customer service?

There are several ways to contact CHUBB Group customer service to stop SEPA direct debits:


To make a complaint by mail, send your letter to the following address:

CHUBB European Group

Customer Service – Mobile Insurance

The Coliseum

8, avenue de l’Arche

92419 Courbevoie Cedex.

Note: this insurance company also has several regional delegations in major cities in France such as Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Strasbourg or Chambéry. It is quite possible to address your letter to the office closest to your home.

  • Bordeaux office
    Building Le Tauzia – 10, rue de l’Abattoir – 33800 BORDEAUX
  • Lille office
    NCI Business Center – 16, place du General de Gaulle – 59000 LILLE
  • Lyon office
    Building Le Rodin – 26, rue Louis Blanc – 69006 LYON
  • Nantes office
    Actipôle building – 15, boulevard de Stalingrad – 44000 NANTES
  • Strasbourg office
    11, place du Temple Neuf – 67000 STRASBOURG


By telephone, contact the CHUBB group’s customer service department at the following number: 01 55 91 45 45.


By email, contact Chubb European Group Limited Customer Service at: france.contact@chubb.com

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