Transcash: the complete guide

Today, there are many means of payment. Apart from the classic offers offered by traditional banks, there are solutions for paying for purchases. Among them, the Transcash card. Discover all the advantages of this prepaid card as well as how it works and its different offers. Also check the rates before considering a transaction through this intermediary.

What is Transcash?

Transcash is a service that works like a prepaid bank card. Ordered online or bought in store, this card is used in much the same way as a telephone card.

It allows several types of transactions: buying on the Internet, withdrawing money, sending money to relatives, managing a sum of money for other people (e.g. pocket money for children), receiving income such as wages.

Moreover, its functionalities bring it closer to a classic credit card, but without affiliation with a bank account.

How Transcash works

Prepaid cards can be purchased online on the Transcash site or from traditional retail chains such as Franprix, Auchan, etc.

The consumer recharges his Transcash card by buying coupons on sale in tobacconists (between 50 and 500 euros per coupon) or by making a bank transfer.


There are three commercial offers available to individuals:

  • the Easy formula includes a black card and a red card. The balance of the base card is limited to 250 euros;
  • the Essential formula, unlike the first offer, can go up to 2,500 euros. To have this card, the customer must send an identity document;
  • the Max formula has a black card as well as four red ones. And the available balance is 5000 euros. To benefit from this offer, the customer must provide proof of income and residence, in addition to his identity document. Note: it is possible to add two more red cards (10 euros per card).
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The advantages of Transcash

By using this card, you can control your budget. Indeed, a sum is placed on the card and is used to settle various payments. The allocated budget cannot be spent under any circumstances, and there is no overdraft authorization. An effective solution to fight against compulsive purchases, especially if you are a spendthrift.

On the other hand, there is a support board in black color. And other cards can be linked to the main one. They are called red cards. This makes it possible to have several potential beneficiaries of the sums. And transfers made from the base card to the red cards are free.

To note : this device can be particularly interesting when parents want to distribute a certain amount of money between their children.

Then, the Transcash mobile application makes it easy to manage your budget with consultation of the balance, realization of transfer and money transfer, recharge of the black card, etc.

Finally, the possibility of receiving their salaries on the Transcash card offers a solution to people who do not have a bank account such as those on file at the Banque de France. For the option to be accessible, a RIB Transcash will be sent to the cardholder. He will only have to communicate it to his employer.

The rates

So how much does the Transcash card cost? Different rates are applied depending on the basic operations:

  • management fees for the Easy and Essential formulas: 3 euros per month;
  • withdrawal fees: 1.50 euros per withdrawal;
  • SMS transaction fees: 0.20 euro cents per transaction.
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Note: payments made to merchants are completely free. And the same goes for transfers made from a black card to a red card. On the other hand, transfers from red card to black card are charged 1 euro.

And other charges also apply. When your card is rejected during a withdrawal, you pay 0.30 cts. In case of rejection of a transaction for insufficient balance, you are also charged 0.30 cts.

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