Cyberplus mobile: all about this application

Today, traditional banks are competing with online banks by offering more and more digital tools. Apps allow you to consult your accounts and manage your money. Among them, there is that of the Banque Populaire. This regional banking organization provides its customers with the Cyberplus mobile application. What is it really about? And what services and features does online banking offer via this app? Discover everything this tool offers, available on computer, tablet and smartphone.

The People’s Bank

Banque Populaire is part of the BPCE group. It is the second largest banking group in France with an establishment of 7,800 branches. It also has 31 million customers.

The BPCE group offers a full range of banking, financial and real estate services. It is also aimed at all clienteles.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the Banques Populaires develop a regional activity. In France, there are 12 regional Banque Populaire banks. Beyond the geographical division, it is for the banking organization to maintain close relations with organizations and socio-professional bodies.

Cyberplus Mobile: What is that ?

The Cyberplus mobile application is an online banking service from Banque Populaire. It is a tool that allows the consultation and management of its accounts on smartphone (Android, Apple), tablet or computer. Wherever you are, you can carry out banking transactions using the Banque Populaire’s Cyberplus app.

Beyond this mobility, Cyberplus offers a wide range of features related to the performance of day-to-day banking transactions and account management.

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This service is intended for Banque Populaire customers for individuals.

Nevertheless, there is a version of the application, called Cyberplus Professional which is aimed at businesses. The app responds to their needs by offering them special services allowing them to save time and facilitate operations. Thanks to dematerialization and remote transmission, operations are carried out more quickly than before. On the other hand, the service offers professionals secure access as well as real-time monitoring of all banking operations related to their activities.

Among the services offered to companies, there are:

  • management of stock market transactions (consultation, access to exchange rates, etc.);
  • the follow-up of the various transfers carried out with notification by e-mail;
  • the receipt and transfer of various documents related to the profession exercised by the user.

What is the Cyberplus mobile application for?

With the online tool, you can easily:

  • consult your accounts and the details of the transactions carried out;
  • make transfers;
  • save in one go with Rapid’Epargne;
  • have access to your RIB/IBAN and send it by email;
  • contact your Banque Populaire;
  • consult the contact details of your agency as well as its opening hours;
  • access emergency numbers;
  • geolocate the ATMs closest to your location;
  • access the Auto Insurance app.

On the other hand, the Cyberplus application is now equipped with a revolving credit function. Via the app, you can apply for financing by freely entering an amount or by selecting a predefined amount.

And Cyberplus mobile also provides a link to the Direct and nearby application which allows you to find a craftsman or tradesman near your home.

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The features offered

The Cyberplus Mobile application offers many features:

  • simplified transfers. You can make your transfers in a few clicks, whether the beneficiary account is already registered or not;
  • the performance of various operations such as the request for check and check book remittances, internal and external transfers, the personalization of account titles, the online stock market, the search for the nearest distributor, etc.
  • consultation of vested interests;
  • the permanent RIB edition. At any time of the day and wherever you are, you can edit a RIB or download it, then send it to a contact by email;
  • alerts can inform you of your banking situation. This can be an SMS or e-mail alert. This continuous control allows you to have an eye on your accounts and to monitor the inflows and outflows of money;
  • your contracts can be signed and consulted online, without the need to make an appointment with your bank advisor and go to a branch. Your signature is completely secure thanks to an SMS code sent to your mobile phone;
  • your account statements are available for consultation 24 hours a day. And the electronic form avoids the archiving and filing of paper statements. It also allows access to useful information wherever you are and at any time of the day. For each e-mail available in your space, you are notified by the arrival of an e-mail;
  • consultation of balances and history of movements is possible over 90 days;
  • you can contact your bank adviser in all circumstances by having access to useful numbers. If you need to contact him for a question or a banking product, send him an email directly. Finally, you also have access to emergency numbers (eg to oppose your bank card);
  • in the event of a lost or stolen card, you can inform your bank without delay by registering your opposition online.
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The advantages of this tool

The Banque Populaire’s Cyberplus application has many strengths. Starting with availability. Indeed, the application is accessible everywhere and 24 hours a day. All you need is a computer or mobile device such as a mobile phone or a tablet equipped with an Internet connection.

On the other hand, the Cyberplus app is simple and intuitive to use. Any user can use the features with ease.

Finally, Cyberplus guarantees safe management of your account. Banque Populaire has a powerful tool, the Cyberplus Pass. This allows you to generate a one-time password during authentication. This helps secure operations and maintain user privacy.

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