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Perhaps you have already heard of Crédit Mutuel’s Cybermut. This banking service has existed since 1996. Created to facilitate online transactions, it also offers other services to the subscriber. Find out what Cybermut is and what payment via this terminal consists of.

What is Cybermut?

CyberMUT is a secure Crédit Mutuel payment service that has existed since 1996. This method secures and streamlines bank card transactions using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. It is available on most browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.).

Any natural person holding a checking account or a passbook under a remote banking contract (individual, professional, association, farmer) can benefit from CyberMUT. It will then have to sign the necessary contracts in order to have the rights to use the various Cybermut services.

In addition to electronic transactions, you can consult your account and the transactions carried out in real time.

And a wide range of services is also offered by Cybermut:

  • the creation of an alert by SMS or email;
  • customizing your accounts;
  • subscription to online services and products;
  • making an appointment with a call center or advisor;
  • uploading your accounts to budget management software.

How it works ?

Payment by CyberMut is simple. During an online purchase, when finalizing your order, you are automatically directed to the Crédit Mutuel secure server. You must then enter the number of your credit card, as well as its expiry date and the visual cryptogram (three-digit number on the back of the card). The transaction is carried out in complete confidentiality thanks to Crédit Mutuel’s virtual TPE. The bank then accepts or declines the payment, and notifies the merchant of the success or failure of the transaction.

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The service is said to be asynchronous, ie an HTTP request contains information relating to the payment status. And the shop is called back by the payment server via this request.

Namely: your credit card number is only known to the bank. Under no circumstances is it transmitted to the merchant. Thanks to the encryption of banking information, it will never circulate on the Internet.

What’s the point ?

Cybermut P@aiement is a simple and reliable solution for accessing e-commerce.

You do not have to communicate your banking information only to Crédit Mutuel. No merchant or other intermediary has access to your personal data. This limits the risk of credit card fraud. And since the information (credit card code, expiry date and cryptogram) is encrypted, it will never circulate on the net.

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