How long does it take to receive your Banque Postale bank card?

The Banque Postale bank card is essential for making purchases at shops or online. This means of payment follows us on a daily basis. Valid for two or three years, the blue card is automatically renewed by the bank as the expiry date approaches. However, you can ask to receive a new one before the term for various reasons: loss, theft, bank card fraud, malfunction of the credit card, desire to change range, opening an account in another banking establishment, etc. Depending on these various reasons, discover the formalities to be completed as well as the deadlines that apply. Also follow our advice to properly receive your bank card. We tell you all about the waiting time to receive your Banque Postale bank card!

Deadlines for receiving your Banque Postale bank card

In the event of loss or if you are the victim of credit card theft, the Postal Bank will renew your means of payment. Apart from these reasons, your credit card may also expire, in other words the expiry date has passed. You can also change La Banque Postale bank card if you have other needs. In this case, your adviser will direct you to a lower or higher range card. Finally, if your card is often mute with merchants or shows malfunctions, ask your bank adviser to change it for you.

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Depending on these different reasons, the delays in receiving your card are not the same. For example, if you have to oppose the credit card after a theft or fraudulent use, the period will be longer. And the wait, on the other hand, will turn out to be shorter in the event of a simple renewal for expiration.

Receive your bank card by registered mail: how long does it take to get it back?

Your bank card was sent to you by registered mail but you are not at home at the moment? Wondering how long it takes to collect a registered letter from the post office? Here is all the information to get your recommended before it’s too late.

If you have not been able to recover your registered letter, please note that you have 14 days to collect it either at your usual post office or at a collection point. If you had opted for delivery to a collection point, then your registered letter will be available for 10 days.

If you are on vacation, on a business trip and you have no means of recovering your registered letter, it is possible to give power of attorney to someone so that they can collect it. To do this, 2 possibilities are available to you. You can either complete the notice of passage by indicating on the back the name of the person to whom you are giving the power of attorney. Or either make a power of attorney online.

In all cases, the person who comes to collect the registered letter must present your identity card as well as his own.

How long does it take to receive my Banque Postale card after opposition?

In the event of loss, theft or fraudulent use of your means of payment, you must absolutely file an objection with your bank. Otherwise, your account may be debited with amounts that you did not originate. By making an opposition on your Banque Postale bank card, you secure your account and restrict payments and withdrawals of money without your knowledge.

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Be aware that after an opposition, your means of payment becomes unusable, including if you find your bank card afterwards. All you have to do is destroy it.

To order a new Banque Postale bank card after requesting an opposition, you must follow these steps:

  • if it is a theft, lodge a complaint with the gendarmerie or the police station closest to your home. In the event of proven fraud, the bank will ask you to file a complaint in order to reimburse the sums unduly debited;
  • then ask your banker to order a new bank card for you;
  • then, wait a fortnight to receive your credit card. During this period, you will receive your new confidential code by post. Keep it without writing it down and without disclosing it to anyone. Be aware that if you communicate your secret code to a third party, the bank will not reimburse you in the event of fraud. Indeed, the establishment will question your responsibility.

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The waiting period to receive your credit card after automatic renewal

You should know that all bank cards without exception have an expiry date. This information is visible on the front of the card in the format month and year (MM/YY).

Once the date has passed, your means of payment can no longer be used to pay for your purchases online or at merchants. You will also no longer be able to withdraw money from the ATM.

But, the day after the expiry date, it is possible to pick up your new card at your post office. Indeed, to prevent you from finding yourself without a means of payment, your bank renews your card fifteen days before it expires.

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Delivery time for a Banque Postale credit card after opening an account

You have just opened an account at the Banque Postale. On average, you will have to wait between one to two weeks to receive your new bank card. The time may vary depending on the post office.

How to recover the bank card and the secret code?

In the event of theft or fraudulent use, your confidential CB code will be changed. And for security reasons, your new card and secret code will be sent to you in separate letters, by post.

Know that upon receipt of your card by your post office, the sending of a new secret code is ordered. Within two days maximum, you will receive the letter containing your new confidential code.

As for your new bank card, it is possible to collect it at the post office or by mail if you request it. Count additional delays when the reception is made by post (two days more, generally).

Finally, if the time seems long to you, do not hesitate to contact your bank for news. La Banque Postale may have forgotten to notify you by post of the arrival of your card.

Do I have to pay to receive my Banque Postale bank card?

The price of your new card varies depending on the type. Ask your bank adviser. This information can be found in the account agreement.

It should be noted that within the framework of the procedure of right to the account, the renewal of a bank card turns out to be free.

The procedure for activating your new bank card

To activate your new credit card and use it to make your purchases or withdraw money, you must:

  • peel off the sticker on the card;
  • sign it in the space provided, on the back;
  • make a cash withdrawal or payment by entering your four-digit PIN;
  • your Banque Postale card is now ready to be used for all your transactions!

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