Taurus Decans: Dates and Differences

In astrology, each sun sign month is divided into three decans. Therefore, each decan contains a 10-day slot. Each decan is a set with a different planet and different characteristics and traits attached to it. Let’s find out which decan you belong to and how it shapes your personality.

Taurus 1st decan: from April 20 to April 29

Venus rules people born in this decan and makes them sensual and passionate by nature. Most of you are pleasure-seeking and possess enormous willpower. You enjoy using the sense of touch to experience various sensations. You think about future prospects and opportunities and are determined to get everything you desire. You make every effort and have great respect for obtaining material wealth and money. Because of this, you can miss out on some simple and beautiful things in life. You have great artistic power and little confidence in making social decisions.

Shyness and dynamism are major obstacles to your potential. You are very diverse in the things you are passionate about and interested in. You are aware of the things that catch your attention. You prefer a sensitive and direct approach. You also tend to seek stability in all aspects of your life and are loyal partners.

Taurus 2nd decan: from April 30 to May 10

Mercury rules people born in this decan and makes them ambitious and determined to succeed. You are extremely talented in various fields ranging from art to chemistry. You leave nothing to chance and have all activities carried out under your strict supervision. You keep control of things to achieve material goals. You are enthusiastic, but at the same time you carefully analyze the tasks undertaken. You possess an internal duality that sometimes prevents you from solving problems appropriately. People around you see you as an intelligent person, but your thoughts are often wild and uninhibited. Your thought process changes depending on the situation and your state of mind. You can succeed in any field, whether pragmatic or philosophical. You are selective in building a relationship. You prefer to be with a partner who is honest, outspoken, deeply committed, and romantic in nature.

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Taurus 3rd decan: May 11 to 20

Saturn rules the person born in this decan and they will inherit rigidity and inflexibility towards others. You follow the path with unwavering devotion and are not open to new ideas. You are loyal, disciplined and patient. You strive for higher goals that will bring you professional success, fame, and social prestige. You have a strong will and you face all the obstacles that stand in the way of success. This quality helps you not only to be at the top but also to maintain this position.

You have a penchant for constant innovation and you know how to control yourself in undesirable situations.

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