Check rejection at the Postal Bank

There is nothing more unpleasant than getting up in the morning and receiving a call from your La Banque Postale adviser or receiving a letter informing you that your check has been rejected beforehand. Do you have questions about the reasons for this rejection, but also about the possible consequences and the alternatives to resolve the situation as quickly as possible? Here is a complete guide on the rejection of checks at the Postal Bank.

What does a rejected check at the Banque Postale mean?

The check is one of your favorite means of payment, but this check you have just issued is about to be rejected by the Postal Bank? First of all, you should know that this type of situation most often arises when, at the time of collection, your bank account does not contain the sum essential for payment. In this case, the Postal Bank cannot satisfy your beneficiary’s bank’s request for collection and the payment order is then refused. In addition, the period for cashing a check is spread over a long period of one year and eight days. This can cause small cash flow problems, especially when the collection is carried out late.

Without you knowing it, while the check remains with its beneficiary, you will have made the decision to close your account at the Postal Bank. At the time of collection then, the unpaid check will be rejected by the Postal Bank as your account no longer exists. Also remember that by being hit with a banking ban, you are unable to pay with a check. If one or more checks are presented while you are on file with the FCC, La Banque Postale can only refuse the payment order, even if your bank account has enough funds to honor the payment. So what can you do to remedy this kind of situation?

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Postal Bank Check Rejection Notice

What solutions have been adopted in the face of a rejected check at the Banque Postale

First of all, you should know that the Postal Bank offers you a deadline to regularize the payment of your check before it is definitively rejected. If the problem arises because you are running out of funds in your bank account, hurry to replenish your account within this imposed time limit to avoid more unpleasant consequences. When you have replenished your account, all you have to do is ask your beneficiary to come to their branch to cash the check correctly. Take care to contact your adviser or your banker to warn him and notify him about the prioritization of the payment of the check. Another solution that will allow you to regularize an unpaid check is also to request the blocking of the necessary money on another account so that the collection can be carried out. If you are unable to replenish your account at the Banque Postale, you can always proceed to payment by bank transfer or credit card or in cash. If you wish to open a joint account with the Banque Postale, here are the steps to follow.

Rejection of Check Banque Postale Advice

The consequences of a rejected check at the Banque Postale

A rejected check regardless of the bank concerned entails certain sanctions, namely:

  • Filing at the Banque de France
  • Deleting your overdraft authorization
  • Debiting additional bank charges from your account

The bank charges related to a rejected check at the Banque Postale reveal a fairly large sum, as you will be debited from your account for intervention commissions, irregularity and incident costs, among others. As for your registration at the Banque de France, it prohibits you from any form of payment by check, until you have settled the payment of all your unpaid checks. How then to easily get out of a banking ban?

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