How to keep a fish man?

Know the personality of the Pisces man to better keep him

The native of fish sign has a very intuitive and introverted personality to the point of reserving his moments of sharing only with those close to him. The surrounding world is almost anxiety-provoking for him, who finds it difficult to express himself, preferring to escape by reading travel stories in particular. Literary nomadism attracts him but for all that, he remains a homebody in his everyday life, reserving his moments of relaxation for meditation or short family getaways. Kneaded with quality, the fish man has no equal in seducing his generosity and his natural fluid without knowing it.

How to keep a fish man?

Once in a relationship with him, you must constantly « fight » against his tendency towards introversion, which in him is coupled with a propensity to flee the relationship, as if forgetting to maintain it with simple gestures and assure him of a constant presence. A little lost in his reading or his personal activities, you will have to use all your emotional closeness in order to constantly bring him back to reality. Remind him that your relationship must be maintained daily and that this « work » must not be one but become, for him and for the couple, a spontaneous activity devoid of effort.

Avoid certain pitfalls to better keep a fishman

However, it will be a question of taking care not to encroach too much by your request for attention on his sphere, his imperative need to find himself regularly in peace. A whole clever mix so as not to lose everything by wanting more presence from him. Very insightful about human relationships, he often manages to perceive the psyche of those around him, which denotes a deep sensitivity that he finds it difficult to radiate. It is indeed this paradox that inhabits it and which constitutes an obvious pitfall if you are too enterprising in order to keep it. Keeping a man born under the sign of Pisces ultimately requires a lot of psychology and understanding in order to manage his share of frailties while maintaining the flame.

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