Hello bank! does it accept business accounts?

Wondering if Hello Bank accepts business accounts? Let’s find out together if there is an offer for professionals.

People who are looking for a new online bank will ask themselves several questions in order to find the bank that meets their needs very well. Among these profiles of people, we will find business leaders. These are individuals who will have a professional activity that they will have created themselves.

The choice of bank will be important. It is preferable to hold professional and personal accounts within the same establishment, so transfers are faster and more efficient. But other criteria must also be taken into consideration, such as the possibility of taking out a business loan, having one or more business cards or even having a current account that requires the least amount of account maintenance fees possible.

Some banks are going to be more interesting than others about this. Is this the case for Hello bank! ? This is what we are going to study in this article.

Hello bank! does not offer a professional account

Currently, very few online banks have such an offer in their products. The bank belonging to BNP Paribas does not offer a professional account. The only bank accounts that can be opened are the personal (and private) current account as well as the joint current account. No solution is available for companies. How can we explain such a lack?

Several hypotheses can be submitted. First of all, professionals are people who will have great needs for their bank accounts. We will think about the deposit of cash or the delivery of check. Depositing a check by mail would be too expensive for the company. This is why we must offer viable and sustainable solutions for them.

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The second hypothesis is the accompaniment which would not be the same. BNP Paribas offers solutions to professionals by supporting them in their efforts, but also in their growth. With an online service, it is more complicated. Running a business is very complex.

What about micro-enterprises?

Microenterprises are also known as autoentrepreneurs. It’s a professional status quite particular. It is different from the manager of an SAS, a SARL or another legal type of company that exists in France.

The conditions for opening a company under this status are simpler and easier to access. The same is true for the bank. Entrepreneurs are not required to have a bank account qualified as “professional”. You have to be vigilant on this point, because many people working in banks can tell you the opposite, but this is not the case!

Depending on turnover, it is mandatory to have a current account intended for his professional activity. The current account is a classic account. This is when a microentrepreneur can open a current account with Hello bank! for business purposes. Only, it is not yet possible to hold two private accounts with this subsidiary of BNP Paribas. However, if your personal account is in a traditional bank, then you can choose Hello bank! for your business bank account with ease.

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