Crédit Agricole Center Loire: the editorial guide

Among the fifty regional banks of Crédit Agricole, there is that of the Center Loire. Discover in detail the specificities of this establishment and what it offers in terms of banking offers and services (card, insurance, product and savings account, online banking, etc.). And we tell you all about the rates charged by Crédit Agricole Center Loire.

Who is Crédit Agricole Center Loire?

In France, there are 2,447 Crédit Agricole branches. All these local mutuals hold most of the capital of the 53 regional mutuals. And Crédit Agricole has no fewer than 10 million members and 30,000 directors.

On the other hand, Crédit Agricole is one of the traditional banks which caters to all kinds of customers: individuals, companies, craftsmen, farmers and local authorities. Present in the regions, the bank wants to be close to the French people. Moreover, it is part of their daily life by positioning themselves on all local markets (savings, investments, death insurance, loans, means of payment, damage insurance, etc.).

Among the regional CAs, there is that of Crédit Agricole Center Loire. The cooperative and mutual organization has 154 branches in France, 2,000 employees and more than 1,000 administrators. The bank covers three departments: Cher, Loiret and Nièvre.

Opening an account : how to do ?

To open an account with CA Center Loire, you must first present the following documents:

  • a valid identity document (national identity card, passport);
  • proof of address ;
  • a specimen of your signature;
  • and for the EKO offer, you will need to present a second valid government-issued ID.
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Then, to open an account, simply contact an advisor by completing the secure online form, available at the following address: individual/open-an-account.html

Indicate the subject of your request « Open an account ». And select a contact method. You have the choice between chat and phone callback. Note that you have the option of sending an email to an advisor or making an appointment directly. Finally, a telephone number is available to you. This is 03 86 71 10 10 (price of a local call, available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

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Crédit Agricole Center Loire banking services

The Eko by CA offer for €2/month

Crédit Agricole Center Loire offers the EKO by CA offer for 2 euros per month (without commitment or income conditions). The service contains both a map and an application. Here is in detail what the EKO offer consists of:

  • an international Mastercard with balance control;
  • cash withdrawals from all Crédit Agricole ATMs;
  • a flat rate of 25 withdrawals per year from other ATMs in France and Europe;
  • a choice for your payments: Paylib or contactless payment;
  • a balance control card to control your budget;
  • insurance and assistance guarantees included to help you travel with peace of mind;
  • the My bank application allowing you to monitor your accounts on a daily basis;
  • an SMS alert (notification) when the balance falls below 20 euros;
  • no overdraft allowed.

Account to Compose

This service offered by CA Center Loire consists of a base (account management) and modules to be selected according to your needs. There are six different modules: Secure account, Overdraft control, Insurance budget, Managed savings, @insured monitoring and A la carte options.

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Note: the Composer Account is only intended for adult individuals who hold a CA bank account. And if you are in financial difficulty, the Protected Budget is reserved for you. Finally, be aware that the account to be created and its various services are subscribed for a period of one year renewable by tacit agreement.

Bank cards

As in all CAs in France, Crédit Agricole Center Loire offers its private customers a full range of bank cards. These means of payment also include insurance services, assistance and privileged advantages.

Among the credit cards made available to customers, there are:

  • Visa Infinite (€268/year);
  • the Prélude card with immediate debit (free);
  • the Mozaic Mastercard with balance authorization, from 16 years old (€10/year);
  • the Mozaic withdrawal card from the age of 12 (€9/year);
  • Visa Premier (€118/year);
  • the World Elite (€268/year);
  • MasterCard (€39.90/year);

savings products

Crédit Agricole Center Loire offers its customers several savings products:

  • solidarity savings and socially responsible investment (SRI);
  • life insurance ;
  • savings and term passbooks;
  • real estate investment;
  • stock exchange and financial investment.

Other services

The insurance

Among the insurances available at CA Center Loire, you will find:

  • home insurance;
  • car and two-wheeler insurance;
  • personal insurance to protect and insure your loved ones as well as yourself;
  • borrower insurance to protect your loan;
  • leisure and everyday protection (mobile, life accidents, etc.).

The credits

Crédit Agricole Center Loire offers home loans as well as consumer loans. Individuals can thus carry out various projects such as the purchase of a home, the financing of a driving licence, the acquisition of a vehicle, etc.

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The rates of Crédit Agricole Center Loire

Crédit Agricole Center Loire is positioned at 25th rank of the 127 least expensive banks in France.

Account maintenance and subscription to remote banking services are free. On the other hand, the SMS alert costs €0.25/unit (up to €2/month).

Find all the rates applied to 1er January 2019 by consulting the website of the financial institution:

Access your online account: how to do ?

To access your online accounts, the process is very simple. First click on the « My space » button, located at the top right of the home page. Then enter your 11-digit identifier, then your personal code.

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