Banque Courtois: the complete guide

Less well known than other traditional banks such as La Banque Postale, Crédit Mutuel or Crédit Agricole, Banque Courtois nevertheless appears as the oldest. Indeed, this financial institution has existed for more than 250 years. And it offers a full range of services for individuals, professionals and businesses. Discover the formalities to become a client of Banque Courtois, all of its services offered as well as its current pricing.

Courtois Bank: who is she ?

Banque Courtois is part of the Crédit du Nord group with seven other organizations (Banque Crédit du Nord, Kolb, Société Marseillaise du Crédit, etc.). It is a commercial bank founded in 1760 in Toulouse, the city where it has its head office. With its 250 years of existence, Banque Courtois is one of the oldest French banks.

On the other hand, Banque Courtois has a network of 77 branches spread over 13 departments and three administrative regions. The financial organization offers traditional banking offers and services (loan subscription, account management, savings, insurance, etc.) for individuals, professionals and associations, businesses and communities. Access to bank accounts is via the Internet, from a mobile or digital tablet, by e-mail, by SMS or by telephone continuously.

How to open an account at the Courtois bank?


To open an account and become a client of Banque Courtois, you can go to a branch. Find an establishment near your home using the online tool:

You can also use the online form by filling in the fields:

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An advisor will then contact you as soon as possible to respond to your request.

Supporting documents to be provided

To open an account at Banque Courtois, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • a valid identity document (identity card, passport, resident card);
  • proof of residence (receipt, electricity bill, etc.);
  • proof of income (employment contract, payslip, etc.).

Non-residents will also attach:

  • a certificate of residence;
  • a copy of the foreign income tax notice;
  • or failing that, a certificate of residence from a consulate or town hall.

And for minors, opening a bank account can only be done in the presence of a legal representative. This must be provided with a family booklet, an identity document or an extract from a birth certificate to justify its quality.

banking services

The Star Convention

This tailor-made offer is aimed at individual customers. The service allows you to choose your bank card according to your needs. The selection criteria are as follows:

  • the range: Visa Classic, Visa Premier, Visa Platinum or Visa Infinite;
  • the visual ;
  • the confidential code;
  • the ceilings. The modification of the ceilings is done from the mobile app, in real time;
  • contactless payment for transactions under 30 euros.

On the other hand, the Etoile Convention allows you to benefit from:

  • exemption on current transactions (account maintenance fees, for example);
  • an online bank to consult its offers, carry out banking operations (transfers, etc.);
  • a budget management application;
  • a secure electronic safe…

Finally, note that the Convention Etoile comes with three personalized modules: family (accidental death insurance, offers for children), international and savings (accidental death insurance, reduction on savings products).

Bank cards

Banque Courtois offers its individual customers six bank cards of various ranges:

  • the youth card: for 12-18 year olds;
  • the Visa Electron: international card for paying and withdrawing money;
  • the Visa Classic: to carry out transactions in France and around the world;
  • Visa Premier: to benefit from extended withdrawal and payment limits;
  • the Visa Platinum: top-of-the-range card with very extensive withdrawal and payment limits;
  • Visa Infinite: to withdraw money and pay in France and abroad, and benefit from extended insurance and assistance services.
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online banking

With online banking, you stay connected to Banque Courtois wherever you are. Thanks to the establishment’s website and the mobile application, consult and manage your accounts remotely.

To know : you can also take advantage of the Etoile Direct service, by telephone. And there is also the Etoile Infos service. It allows you to follow the evolution of your main account by SMS.

An offer dedicated to customers in a situation of financial fragility

Individual customers of Banque Courtois in a fragile financial situation can benefit from a dedicated offer. It provides this specific clientele with services essential to account management. And intervention commissions are also reduced and capped.

Other services

savings products

Banque Courtois has several savings products:

  • savings accounts;
  • ELP;
  • CEL;
  • life insurance ;
  • pension saving ;
  • stock savings plan;
  • accounts titles ;
  • Sicav, FCp and OPCI.

The credits

In terms of borrowing, Banque Courtois allows subscription to:

  • a revolving credit;
  • a home loan;
  • personal credit;
  • a long-term rental;
  • a pool of credits.


Then, in terms of provident funds, the financial organization pays for:

  • accidental deaths;
  • death from any cause;
  • the accidents of life;
  • the addiction ;
  • a funeral fund;
  • legal protection.

The insurance

Finally, the establishment’s clientele has the possibility of taking out various insurance policies. These are classic warranties:

  • Home Insurance ;
  • Car Insurance ;
  • remote monitoring;
  • means of payment insurance.

The rates

In the ranking of the 127 least expensive banks in France, Banque Courtois is positioned at 118th square.

Remote banking (Internet subscription) is a paying service billed at 2 euros per month. As for the SMS alert to know the situation of his account, it costs 3 euros per month (36 euros per year). This is a monthly plan allowing you to receive up to 6 SMS.

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With regard to account maintenance, the costs amount to 24 euros per month for a standard account and 30 euros for an inactive account. And insurance for loss or theft of means of payment is billed at 36 euros per year.

Find all the current pricing on the Banque Courtois website, section “Rates” at the bottom of the home page.

Online accounts: how to access it?

To access your personal space and consult your accounts online, you must have a username and a confidential code. The identification number is given to you by your bank adviser. And the secret code is sent by mail.

To connect to the Banque Courtois customer area, first enter your identifier made up of numbers using your numeric keypad. The entry is made in the reserved box under the heading « My account », at the top left of the home page. Then, dial your password using the numeric keypad.

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