How do I activate the Banque Postale prepaid card?

Beyond the classic bank cards, there is the prepaid card. La Banque Postale offers this easy-to-use payment method. We tell you everything you need to know about the Banque Postale prepaid card: how to subscribe to it, the steps to activate and recharge it, its price, etc.

What is the Banque Postale prepaid card?

This is an international Visa credit card. It is rechargeable, with systematic authorization and not linked to your current account. In addition, the payment method is accessible from the age of 18.

The Banque Postale prepaid card works in a simple way. You load your card with the desired sum, up to 1500 euros. Then, you use it in the same way as a traditional credit card.

With this payment card, you can place orders remotely or make purchases from merchants. The card also allows you to withdraw money in France and abroad.

On the other hand, the Banque Postale prepaid card has a few special features:

  • you cannot spend more than the amount loaded on your card (ceiling of 1,500 euros over 30 rolling days);
  • it is also independent of your current account. As a result, expenses made with this payment method do not appear on your account statements. On the other hand, you can consult all the transactions carried out on a personal management space. To access it, you will need a username and a password;
  • finally, your remote purchases, and in particular on the Internet, are more secure. You do not need to communicate the number of your main bank card, which helps to avoid fraudulent use.
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The conditions of access of the means of payment

You should know that the Banque Postale prepaid card is only accessible under certain conditions. Indeed, it is reserved for adult natural persons domiciled in metropolitan France or in the DOM TOM.

To have an international prepaid card, you must also have a valid email address and Internet access. And you must be a customer with a current postal account in the establishment. Also note that you can only hold one prepaid card.

With regard to the places of access, there are also conditions. To use your prepaid card in shops, the latter must accept cards from the Visa network. And to withdraw money, the ATM must display the « Visa » logo.

Finally, due to the way it works, the Banque Postale prepaid card cannot be used everywhere. Indeed, there are certain restrictions: businesses that do not request systematic authorization, certain machines (parking, toll, etc.). To avoid disappointments, it is therefore necessary to have another means of payment.

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How to subscribe?

Subscribing to the prepaid card can be done in many ways:

  • by going directly to your post office;
  • by calling 3639 (choice 2);
  • by downloading the subscription form available by following this link:;
  • online, by connecting directly to your Internet customer area. To access the online subscription form, go to the “Get information and subscribe” section, “Bank accounts”, then “Prepaid international bank cards”.

How do I activate the Banque Postale prepaid card?

First, before using it, the card must be activated by the subscriber after receiving the connection codes (username and password).

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To activate the Banque Postale prepaid card, you have several options:

  • log on to and go to the “Personal space” section;
  • or call the interactive voice server by dialing 09 69 36 70 20;
  • you can also activate your card via the prepaid card management mobile application;
  • finally, from the Banque Postale Internet customer area, go to the “Manage” section then “Prepaid cards”. Use your usual access codes.

With regard to the management of the prepaid bank card, the procedures are carried out remotely (reloading, change of visual, etc.). To do this, access your personal management space using your connection codes (username and password).

How to load and reload the prepaid card?

You should know that loading the prepaid La Banque Postale card can only be done from a current account held in the establishment. The first load cannot be less than the sum of 20 euros.

Then you choose how to reload the card. It can be occasional or permanent. Then, you have the possibility of reloading the means of payment from 10 euros up to 1500 euros. Finally, note that the card is capped in terms of payment and withdrawal to the amount available. This cannot exceed 1500 euros over 30 rolling days.

Namely: the funds are made available immediately when reloading by bank card or bank transfer.

Services linked to the La Banque Postale prepaid card

On the other hand, specific services are attached to the La Banque Postale prepaid card. Among them :

  • the SMS alert which warns you as soon as the balance available on the card is less than or equal to 10 euros. This is a free service (no more than two SMS per month);
  • a mobile application to manage your bank card anywhere and anytime from your smartphone (Apple or Android). This service is also free;
  • four map designs available.
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How much does the Banque Postale prepaid card cost?

At 1er January 2019, the amount of the annual fee for the Banque Postale prepaid card was 19 euros. Find the pricing in the brochure available online by following this link:

On the other hand, you do not pay additional management fees and reloading operations are free. And this, regardless of the amount or the reloading method selected (by bank card, by transfer, etc.).

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