Swimming pool filtration: how to choose your pump?

It is essential to filter your swimming pool in order to keep the water healthy. This operation allows you to purify the water and rid it of all impurities. The majority of pool water treatments rely on mechanical filtration. It is therefore important to know the use and functions of a swimming pool pump. What is pool water filtration and how does it work? What is a pool pump used for? How to choose the pool pump that is right for you?

Water filtration: how it works ?

When water is unfiltered, it is loaded withpollutants such as leaves, algae, insects, etc Thus laden with waste, bacteria and other toxic elements, the water in your pool could prove to be dangerous for the health of users. In such circumstances, the hygienic conditions do not make the water suitable for bathing. The filtration system is a mechanism that helps maintain the purity of the water in a pool. It is designed so as to direct pool water to a filter capable of removing dirt.

This action, when it is regular, optimizes the effectiveness of the treatment products used to clean the pool. The two main elements that make up the filtration system are the pump and the filter. It should be noted that a variable flow pool pump is economical, compared to other models. The principle is simple: the pump sucks the water towards the filter, which purifies it before returning it to the swimming pool thanks to backflows. In order to benefit from the results of this system, it is necessary to choose the right pump and the right filter.

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swimming pool pump, an essential tool

For the filtration of your pool to be effective, you must choose the right pump. The latter consists of a plastic or brass turbine, a sealed cover, a waste storage basket, a pre-filter and an electric motor. When the pump is running, the movement causes a stream effect, which limits the formation of algae. Once the treatment is complete, the water is pressed back into the basin.

swimming pool filtration with pump

Tips for choosing the best filter pump

These tips help you find the pump that provides a minimum flow in line with the volume of water in the pool and the physical characteristics.

Estimate the volume of water to be filtered

The first phase of the choice is the estimation of the volume of water to be filtered. This value is expressed in m3 and is often indicated among the standard parameters of your swimming pool, or you obtain it by calculation. To perform this calculation, you will need to determine the average depth of the pool and the volume of water.

Know the pressure drops of the hydraulic network

These values ​​are often indicated by pool manufacturers. Otherwise, you must calculate it.

Deduct the minimum flow rate of the pump

The flow rate varies according to the filtration time, the pressure drops and the volume of water.

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