Everything you need to know about taxis in Brest

The taxi companies of the city of Brest are numerous and may be required to work together to best meet the needs of customers. Don’t panic so, in case of an emergency, visiting the city or on a business trip, you will find a Taxi. They are stationed at strategic points in the city or can be reached via their website, by telephone and even by an application at the initiative of the municipality.

The city of Brest loves taxis

In case of emergency or after a drunken evening in one of the very welcoming bars of Brest, it is best to be driven by an experienced driver who knows the city like the back of his hand. As in all large and populated cities, the Brest taxis parked in large numbers near strategic points: the airport of Brest, University Hospital Centre, Train and bus station, etc. The city of Brest has also been trying, for some years, to develop the Taxi as public transport. Twelve taxi parking areas are listed in 2018 throughout the city. If you are near one of these places, you can find a free taxi. If you have been in the city for a short time and do not yet know how to get around, no problem, the city of Brest has also developed since 2016 a downloadable application in the PlayStore and GooglePlay entitled Taxi Brest. This makes it possible to geolocate the 12 stations dedicated to taxis which are scattered around the city. The companies of Brest taxis ABC Allo taxis Brest, Brest Taxis and Taxi 806 make visible, on the application of the city, their cars free of any race. Select the one that seems most appropriate to you and let the application guide you which gives you the route to the Taxi.

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The different services offered by taxi companies in Brest

In order to represent a credible alternative to private cars and public transport, taxi companies work to make your life easier on your journeys. The payment of the race can be done in the offices of the company if you go there, before or after the race. On site, you can pay by credit card, check or cash. If you wish to pay the fare directly to the driver, on the other hand, only cash is accepted by most companies.

All taxis in Brest travel short, so they can get you anywhere in the city. It can be very pleasant to visit the city by means of a taxi company. They have facilities for parking and bring you as close as possible to the essential places of the port city. Again, if you are a large family, no problem, some taxi accept 6 people on board and can even add a trailer behind the towing vehicle to deposit any luggage. Long journeys are offered by Taxi Korrigans. This Brest-based company moves you around the city as you wish, but can also serve as a guide. Do not hesitate to call the company who will guide you to a driver who can give you a guided tour, at an additional cost.

You can use the taxi occasionally or more regularly. For this, a subscription has been set up by the taxi companies Brest to better adapt to the needs of users. For group events, such as weddings, private parties or company parties, it is possible to book several cars. These vehicles with driver transport people to a common meeting place, but can also bring these people home in the evening, in complete safety.
The multitude and quality of the services offered by the taxis in Brest are locally recognized. With a top-of-the-range quality/price ratio, do not hesitate to call on these professionals for your most important journeys.

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