CA Consumer Finance direct debit: what is it?

By consulting your latest account statements, surprise! A direct debit was made under the heading “CA Consumer Finance”. What is it about ? Is it a scam or a scam? Find out what this transaction from Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance actually represents. And follow our advice to end direct debits as soon as possible. Procedure, contact details… All about the procedure to follow to no longer be sampled!

Who is Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance?

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance (CA Consumer Finance) is a credit company, a 100% subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole group. The entity offers its customers financing solutions for all day-to-day projects. And it is positioned as a key player in the European consumer credit market, with a presence in 21 countries. On the same market, its main competitor is Franfinance.

With more than 9,500 employees, CA Consumer Finance is developing on the Internet, ensuring that financial difficulties are met through payment facilities. In France, the establishment is best known through its trademark Sofinco. It is also present alongside major institutional and distribution brands. In addition, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is proving to be an essential retail partner.

How could I take out consumer credit at CA Consumer finance without realizing it?

You may have taken out a consumer loan from Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance in one of the following cases, without knowingly wanting to:

  • when taking out a consumer credit at the Crédit Agricole bank. Your bank adviser was able to delegate the management of the loan to CA Consumer Finance;
  • as part of a purchase in store, you have taken out car insurance or an extended warranty. Protection is then managed by Crédit Agricole Consumer finance;
  • by paying free of charge for a purchase. The merchant may be a partner of the CA Consumer Finance credit company without your knowledge. In this case, the wording of the direct debit is called “CA Consumer Finance”;
  • some car manufacturers are also partners of CA Consumer France. Among them, Fiat Chrysler, Mazda, Honda Moto…;
  • signs such as La Redoute, La Fnac or Darty are also partners of the credit company with regard to revolving loans and consumer loans;
  • finally, the company CREDILIFT COURTAGE specializing in the repurchase of credit is a subsidiary of CA Consumer Finance.
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I repaid my loan and I am still being debited by CA Consumer Finance

Even though you have repaid your credit, the withdrawals continue on your account. Be aware that other scenarios can explain these movements on your bank account:

  • your spouse has taken out a CA Consumer Finance loan without telling you;
  • it can also be the annual fee for your revolving credit card if you have one. This is useful for paying for your shopping in a CA Consumer Finance partner store;
  • you have requested a postponement of maturities so as not to have too large an overdraft;
  • you are the victim of a scammer who has usurped your identity by stealing your personal information. He took out consumer credit on your behalf, using your identity. In this case, you must file a complaint without delay.

Stop the CA Consumer Finance direct debit: how to do ?

If you are the victim of a scam, it is essential to oppose the direct debit. However, this action does not end the litigation. The bank will continue to regard you as the debtor. It is therefore important to prove that it is identity theft. For advice, you can turn to a consumer defense association.

In the event of subscription to a SOFINCO offer, it is quite possible to terminate the contract at any time. To do this, you must send them a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. However, for termination to be possible, you must be up to date with your debts.

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Contact CA Consumer Finance: coordinates

You can contact Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance by telephone on the following number: 0 825 002 004 (0.15 euros per minute + cost of a call).

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The other possibility is to connect to your Sofinco customer account:

Simply enter your username and access code using the virtual keyboard available to you.

Contact customer service: the instructions

The credit company CA Consumer Finance has set up a procedure for managing customer complaints. This allows them to avoid legal proceedings, which saves time and protects their image.

First, you can contact Customer Service by email to explain the dispute to them. A dedicated form is available on their website.

Then, if the answer provided by the company does not suit you, know that you can reach the Consumer Service by mail.

Finally, if the solution found does not bring you satisfaction, it is possible to involve the mediator of the Association of Financial Companies. Please note that this solution is only possible if the first two steps fail.

Contact consumer service

Contact CA Consumer Finance’s consumer service by sending your mail to the following address:

Consumer Services CA Consumer Finance

1 rue Victor Basch

91300 Massy Cedex.

Call the mediator: approaches

You can appeal to the mediator of the ASF (Association of Financial Companies) by mail. Send your letter to the following address detailing the circumstances of the dispute between you and CA Consumer Finance:

Mr. ASF Mediator

75854 Paris Cedex 17.

After receiving your letter, the mediator will find a satisfactory solution for both parties.

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