How do I get a cashier’s check from Fortuneo?

The bank check is obtained quite easily when you are a customer or member of a traditional bank. Only, for online procedures, how does it work? First of all, is it possible to get a cashier’s check? It’s not always the case !

The bank check is a proof of good faith to make large purchases or investments. For the seller, it is a guarantee that the buyer has the funds in his current account.

When a person asks for a cashier’s check, the bank will take the required amount from him, in order to write a check in the name of the bank. Thus, the bank is debited and the person who made the request can buy his object in complete safety.

Fortuneo is a qualitative online bank that responds well to the needs of its customers. These can be mostly investors, because it has more than interesting investment plans. This is how they can earn money by making good investments.

This neobank does have its bank check service. It is possible to obtain it, both from a computer than the mobile application. Several solutions are available, such as requesting the bank check by telephone, e-mail or post. In these last three situations, the person will have to pay €5.

The bank check according to Fortuneo

Fortuneo has set up a very interesting service which is online check service. This is a different approach from other online banks. Indeed, it allows you to send the check directly to the beneficiary, in order to save you time! It is possible to place an order to receive it at home, but the request will be charged and invoiced at 5€.

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The steps to follow to request a cashier’s check are as follows. You must connect to your customer area (people who do not have a Fortuneo current account will not be able to benefit from it).

Once you are on the home page of your customer area, click on “My accounts”. Then a menu will appear on the left (computer version). You will have to click on “Check and checkbook”. It is a sub-menu found under “Balance and history”.

When the page for editing the bank check appears, you must enter the amount of the check, as well as the order and the address of the beneficiary (he can receive it directly).

Then, you will have a sending mode to choose between simple sending, to your address, to the beneficiary’s address or to another address. Also note that there is a possibility to receive it by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. This service is charged €5.

The validation of the bank check is available thanks to a security code that you will enter after having received it by SMS. The beneficiary or you will receive the bank check within 5 to 6 working days by post. A confirmation email will be sent to you with all the summary information of the bank check request.

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