How to deposit cash at Hello bank! ?

Hello bank! is a very interesting online bank. It is one of the best online banks on the market, with an attractive offerup-to-date customer service, decent performance and a mobile application that offers effective day-to-day account management.

As we said, it is above all an online bank. That is to say, it is a neobank. She is fully dematerialized. Bank account finance tracking is done online. Exchanges with an advisor for a bank loan are done by telephone. Savings solutions are managed online… It’s quite a number system which is at the heart of this bank. And this is both an advantage (time savings are considerable on a daily basis), but it is also a great disadvantage. It is more difficult to deposit checks or cash. Why ? Because it is an online bank: everything is done on the Internet. There is no physical branch, as you can have at Crédit Mutuel Arkea or Crédit Lyonnais.

In this article, we will present the solution available at Hello bank! to carry out the deposit of cash, in the same way as the deposit of checks, as well as the steps to follow. These are quick and easy to understand.

Hello bank! has great support!

Unlike the vast majority of other online banks on the market, Hello bank! can count on the considerable support from its parent company what is BNP Paribas. Thanks to its network, the ability to deposit cash is increased tenfold.

It is one of the few brands, like Monabanq, that allows cash to be deposited in their physical branches of their parent company. Monabanq belongs to the Crédit Mutuel group and Hello bank! belongs to BNP Paribas.

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The latter has a large number of physical bank branches in the heart of France. There are more than 2200. It is for this reason that this online bank enjoys significant and significant support. Hello bank! will be able to deposit their cash and/or their cheque(s) directly in the ATMs of BNP Paribas, which has the “Deposit” function.

The steps to follow are very simple. All you have to do is bring your HB bank card and go to a BNP Paribas counter which authorizes the deposit.

Thereafter, it will be necessary to insert the card in the distributor, and to select the option “Deposits of banknotes”. It is at this time that the banknotes will have to be placed in the space allocated for this purpose. Then, once you have inserted all the banknotes, the distributor will offer you to confirm the deposit, which you will have to do. Don’t forget to take the proof of cash depositwhich can be a proof in the event of a problem.

With this method, we are sure that the money will be credited to the bank account very quickly, which is a guarantee of speed!

The steps are essentially the same for people who want to deposit checks.

We greatly appreciate Hello Bank! for this considerable and interesting aspect.

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