How to find a bank near me?

Traditional national banks, regional banks, savings banks… Even by ruling out online banks that do not favor proximity, there are a multitude of banking organizations. Each of the banking establishments offers pricing for its services. How to choose the right bank? Which banking organization best suits your needs? Focus on the French banking landscape!

Why choose a traditional bank?

By opting for a traditional bank close to your home, take advantage of traditional services with ease. By choosing proximity, you also have the option of meeting with an advisor. Physical appointments can facilitate the process. It is also possible to deposit cash or checks easily.

By selecting an online bank, there is no such proximity relationship. The formalities are completed electronically. Depositing cash or checks is also more complicated or even impossible in some organizations.

On the other hand, you should know that a traditional bank is often more expensive than a remote bank. Indeed, its advantages have a cost!

Choose a bank near you, Criteria

The place

The geographic location of the banking establishment is an essential selection criterion. Preferably opt for a bank that has a branch near your home or place of work. This will make things easier, especially if you have to travel regularly to deposit cash or checks.

Your personal and professional situation

A student will not necessarily choose the same bank as an active or a retiree. Depending on your age, select the most advantageous bank for you. Indeed, banking organizations offer different rates and services depending on their customers. For example, young people under 25 can benefit from advantageous offers in certain banks. Always ask about special offers before selecting your bank branch.

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In general, ask yourself a few questions before making your choice. Do you use bank check? Do you handle a lot of cash? Depending on your professional activity, choose a bank suited to your habits.

On the other hand, find out about the opening hours. If you cannot go to a branch during the week, prefer a banking establishment open on Saturdays.

Your life projects

Do you intend to make a major purchase or acquire real estate? Choose the bank that will meet your financial needs in the future. It may be wise to opt for a bank offering complete services such as consumer credit, mortgage, insurance, investment product, etc.

Some banking establishments also offer damage insurance for the car or home, as well as complementary health insurance.

Choose from the many existing banks taking into account your present and future needs.

Namely, there are banks like Crédit Mutuel or Crédit Agricole that charge their services differently from one region to another. Indeed, the operation is carried out by region and not at the national level. Sometimes the prices vary enormously. If you are planning a move in the coming years, beware!

The quality of services

This criterion may seem very subjective… However, there are some tips for identifying the banks with the highest ratings by their customers. The site, for example, organizes its Banking Quality Trophies. Each year, it distinguishes the banks with the best quality of service. It also assesses customer satisfaction by taking into account several criteria including the quality of agencies and advisers, the website or the mobile application.

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There are also online bank comparators. Beyond the practical aspect by choosing the agency closest to you, it is advisable to find out about the services offered and the rates applied.

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