118 400 to oppose your bank card

You searched the entire house, to no avail! Unable to get hold of your credit card. Lost or stolen, your means of payment is in the wild. To avoid financial consequences, it is better to act very quickly. The first step is to oppose your credit card. But often in emergency situations, it is not uncommon to panic and become unaware of the procedure. Fortunately, there is a number to help you on a daily basis. Find out what the number 118 400 consists of. This universal directory will be useful for you to oppose your bank card when the time comes. We tell you all about the procedure to follow!

118,400: the number to oppose your bank card

In case of loss or theft of your bank card, we must act quickly by opposing your means of payment. This allows you to protect your credit card by preventing payments without your knowledge and to access the reimbursement of sums possibly spent without your permission. Note that the approach turns out to be also valid for fraudulent use from your bank account.

The 118 400 is a universal intelligence service which offers you reliable and fast telephone information in emergency situations. Responses to your requests are made continuously, 24/7. The number puts you in direct communication with the services of your bank so that your opposition request is processed as soon as possible. This saves you tedious research.

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118,400: practical information (schedules, cost, etc.)

The 118 400 number is available continuously, every day and 24 hours a day. This is a paid service billed (€2.99/call + €2.99/min).

On the other hand, the 118,400 is a independent service, not affiliated with the administration.

The advantages of calling 118 400

Calling 118 400 allows you to enter as quickly as possible with the competent services to oppose your credit card. As soon as the transaction is completed, your means of payment can no longer be used. Objecting is a crucial step that should be taken as soon as possible to avoid financial consequences.

Often when you have your credit card stolen, there is some confusion. Panicked, we forget the procedure to follow or we can no longer find the number to contact. In this case, it is easier to call 118 400. An adviser will answer you and take care of your request, which makes the process easier.

The information service also provides reliable information. This turns out to be extremely fast at a time when we find everything and its opposite on the Internet. You don’t have to go to multiple sites or call different numbers to get the information you need. 118 400 answers your questions safely.

To know : following your statement of credit card opposition, you must also send your bank a written confirmation of your opposition request. It must be a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Your financial adviser can confirm this step in the procedure to follow.

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And in the event of theft of your credit card, you will also have to go to the gendarmerie or the police station closest to your geographical location to file a complaint. Note that proof of the filing of a complaint will be useful for you to obtain reimbursement of the sums withdrawn without your knowledge. To save time, you can fill out a pre-complaint online before going to the police station. This way, you communicate all important information in advance. Please note that the credit card is an exception to the principle that there can be no theft between relatives (spouse, parent, child).

Other solutions to oppose your credit card

Note thatthere are other, less expensive solutions, to oppose his credit card. You can start with call the number of the opposition center of your bank. Keep the number in your wallet or in the contacts of your mobile phone. If necessary, it is valid both in France and abroad.

By default, you have the option ofcall the voice server any bank at 0 892 705 705. This is a chargeable interbank service charged €0.34 per minute, available 24/7. This number is only valid in France.

Abroad, you can make an opposition on your credit card by dialing the number displayed on the ticket machines accepting your card. To facilitate the opposition of the CB, the opposition telephone center will ask you for the 16-digit number of your card. It is therefore important to write it down somewhere (wallet, mobile phone, etc.).

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The opposition center will then provide you with a registration number, which you should keep and mention to the police when you file a complaint.

To know : the opposition is an irreversible operation and paying in certain cases. The price of a bank card opposition varies according to several elements, and in particular the nature of the guarantees taken out, as well as your credit card agreement. But generally, it takes about 10 euros to perform the operation. The money will be claimed from you if it is a loss. However, in the event of theft or credit card fraud, opposition and the ordering of the new card will be free.

Be aware that if you ever find your blue card after having opposed it, it can never be put back into service. It will have to be destroyed. As soon as you confirm an opposition with your bank, a new bank card is automatically ordered.

Need cash: can you request an advance while waiting for your new credit card?

Do you need cash or a card urgently because it has been lost or stolen? After authorization from your bank, you can receive an emergency replacement card within a very short time (1 to 2 days).

In addition, the financial institution may make cash available to you at a location close to your location. This will allow you to have liquidity within hours of obtaining authorization from your bank.

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