How do I deposit a check at Fortuneo?

You have a check to deposit at Fortuneo but you don’t know how to proceed? Let’s take a look at the steps to get there.

To differentiate themselves from what traditional banks do, neobanks do not hesitate to carry out various and varied actions. This is evidenced by the cash deposit and the check deposit. These are two actions that are more difficult to perform than when you are in an online bank.

Neobanks want to be better on several points, such as the management of the bank account which must be simpler, the costs and other costs inherent in keeping a bank account lower or even on offers of products and services different more competitive.

Fortuneo is a bank that does not allow a customer to deposit money into their bank account. It is possible to deposit a check as we will explain later.

Why is depositing cash so complicated in neobanks? Quite simply because they do not have physical agencies that allow them this action.

Fortuneo is an innovative online bank that caters, in part, to investors because of ever more precise and qualitative investment offers. These are people who want to invest, especially in the stock market, to make money. Do not forget that in this little « game » it is perfectly possible to lose money. Do not believe that the investment is a winner every time!

The steps to follow to deposit a check when you are a client of Fortuneo

As with the (very) large majority of online banks, you will have to go through the post office. You must print the check remittance slip, place the check in it, insert everything in an envelope and then send it to the Fortuneo address.

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The manipulation seems very simple. But it must be recognized that the deadlines can be extended. According to Fortuneo, the delays are estimated at 48 hours.

As with all online banks, this is a service that can be dematerialized. That is to say that it is possible to obtain the precious document, namely the check remittance slip, directly from its customer area. To do this, go to the “Check and check book” section and click on “Order check remittance slips”. We advise you to carry out this manipulation as soon as the bank account is opened to be equipped when it happens.

As a reminder, in order to fight against fraud and other possible threats, it is strongly recommended and advised to opt for Security. This is undeniable. To do this, we advise you to affix a signature on the back of the check intended for you. Thereafter, check that the order of the check is in your name. Finally, the presence of the account number on the back will be a real plus to fully secure the transaction. For some people who wish, it is possible to indicate the date.

To go further, especially in the event that the mail is lost, take a photo of all these documents, front and back, to keep track.

These little tips are important and should not be overlooked. These tips will help you make a safe payment.

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