The black bank card: what is it?

Also called « black card », the black bank card is reserved for high net worth clients. Most banks offer this prestigious card which is becoming more democratic thanks to online banks. Discover the prices, the services linked to the subscription of a high-end card as well as all the privileges of owning a premium bank card.

What is a black bank card?

The black bank card is an easily identifiable payment solution with its dark color and elegant design. It is marketed to traditional banks and online banks, under various publishers such as Visa and Mastercard.

It is a luxury bank card accessible to those with significant income. In France, there are around 1000 users of this type of card. By subscribing to a black bank card, the user has access to very high withdrawal and payment limits. It also benefits from assistance and insurance services, in addition to a concierge available 24/7.

Some examples of the black bank cards available:

  • the World Elite Mastercard;
  • Visa Infinite;
  • Visa Platinum;
  • Platinum Mastercard.

The conditions to be fulfilled to access a black bank card

Being the holder of a prestige card involves a higher cost than a traditional bank card. For example, the Visa Infinite card, available at all banks except Fortuneo, is the most expensive. Before 2020, prices started at € 240 at Hello Bank, BNP Paribas’ online bank. On average, it takes between 300 and 400 € in annual contributions to have a black card.

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The subscription is also subject to several conditions in terms of income, assets or minimum expenditure. Black cards are therefore reserved for (very) wealthy customers, although online banks wish to democratize them more thanks to slightly more accessible prices. To know the income conditions, often very selective, it is advisable to contact the banks directly because no details are available. Note, however, that some establishments require a minimum annual income of 100,000 €. Other banks require domiciliation of income.

Finally, the other condition to take into account is to spend a minimum amount per month. The card holder must then carry out a monthly transaction with his means of payment, which generates costs.

The advantages of taking out a black bank card

In addition to being able to choose his confidential code, the holder of a black bank card has a wide range of advantages in terms of insurance, assistance and privileges.

Flexible withdrawal and payment limits

Wealthy holders of a black card benefit from higher withdrawal and payment limits than those of traditional bank cards. The payment limit for a Visa Premier card is of the order of € 3,000 over 30 rolling days, and that for withdrawals of € 2,000 over 7 rolling days.

The holder of this type of card can withdraw up to € 10,000 per week, free of charge. His bank advisor will define with him the limit limits.


To benefit from an extended range of insurance, you must have already made a payment with your high-end card. The holders of these cards benefit from the following guarantees:

  • modification, cancellation or interruption of the trip;
  • baggage delay;
  • transport difficulties (train or plane);
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skiing accident or winter sports injury;

  • theft, loss or damage to baggage;
  • material damage to a rental vehicle (accident, theft or damage) or material and bodily damage caused to a third party (up to 2 million);
  • rescue and search costs in the mountains …

In terms of incident coverage and the amount covered, the guarantees go well beyond a Visa Premier or Mastercard Gold card.

Note: the holder of the luxury card is insured in the event of death or disability. Insurance can go up to € 620,000 per family and per event.

Tailor-made assistance

Typically, wealthy clients travel the world a lot. For these reasons, prestige bank cards offer top-of-the-range assistance in terms of reimbursement limits and coverage. Card holders and their families can benefit from:

  • advance hospitalization costs when traveling abroad;
  • assistance in the event of legal proceedings outside France (attorneys’ fees up to € 3,000);
  • assistance in the event of emergency repatriation;
  • coverage of medical costs;
  • the provision of a driver to bring the car home in the event of impediment, in France;
  • the delivery of medication, including contact lenses, eyeglasses or hearing aids;
  • advance of funds.

24 hour concierge service, 7 days a week

By subscribing to a black bank card, the user has access to a concierge service available continuously. Here are some examples of services provided: taxi, travel, train tickets, hotel, restaurant table reservation, etc.

The concierge service also responds to the slightest of wishes, even the most fanciful or unusual, with a concern for requirements. A personal assistant is responsible for booking high-end events or restaurants and organizing tailor-made services. It also offers daily services (eg: babysitting, sending flowers).

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Privileged rates

Having a black bank card allows you to have access to preferential pricing on certain bank services: costs of withdrawals from an ATM of another bank, bank card fees, etc. He can also obtain preferential rates from many signs to buy jewelry, clothes, shoes or treat yourself to beauty treatments, for example.

Finally, the holder of a premium card can be part of a private club allowing him to access advantages with certain Visa or Mastercard partners or VIP tickets for sporting or cultural events.

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