Online banking: how to make the right choice?

With the digital explosion, even banks are going digital. Online establishments are growing and this is not to displease Internet users. Especially since thanks to competition, the public has the choice of several increasingly attractive offers. But to avoid making mistakes, certain parameters must be taken into account before selecting a neobank. Here are the best tips!

Know the particularities of an online bank

As its name suggests, it is a digital organization that has no physical agency to receive customers. Thus, the communication is completely dematerialized and is done only on the Internet, regardless of the terminal used (PC, tablet or smartphone). The employees of a neobank obviously work in the same hard-to-reach premises to respond to customer requests, but the place does not include a reception room or cash desk.

This innovative and mobile solution allows these digital banks to offer cheaper rates than traditional banking institutions. Real estate costs are lower and the number of employees is significantly reduced. Customers, for their part, benefit from tailor-made support and advice that gradually guides them to be independent in their relationship with their online bank.

As you will have understood, the main advantage of mobile banks is to take advantage of significantly lower management fees, up to 3 times less than conventional banks. At the very beginning, they even offered the bank card for free. Even today, welcome bonuses are commonplace in these digital financial establishments. In addition, most of them do not charge account maintenance fees against 200 € per year at physical institutions.

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Check the financial conditions of the neobank

To find out which online bank is right for you according to your needs and your financial situation, pay attention to all the conditions imposed by each establishment. So take the time to visit their official website to learn more about their criteria. In general, mobile banks require a specific deposit at the opening, a minimum savings or a minimum monthly income. But the numbers vary from organization to organization. At Monabanq, for example, the initial deposit requested is €150, while it is double at BforBank and Fortuneo.

Online banks may also require a minimum amount of outstanding balance on accounts to play it safe. Thus, Boursorama Banque requires €2,500 deposited in accounts before granting free access to its Visa premium card. It’s €5,000 at ING Direct. On the Fortuneo side, new customers must have €1,200 in monthly net income or €5,000 in savings to benefit from it. The advantage is that your neobank will not force you to domicile your income with it. To find out more about online banks and their offers, we advise you to visit the new site

Membership mode

There is nothing easier than registering for an online bank. And since everything is done on the web, you can do it whenever you want, wherever you want. You just have to prepare in advance the digital copies of the supporting documents requested such as the identity card, a residence certificate, a payslip, etc. An advisor will then check the documents and open the account if everything is in order. The credit card, meanwhile, will be sent by registered mail in the following days. However, be careful that there is no commitment to hold the account. Choose a neobank offering you the possibility of closing the account without having to justify yourself, just in case.

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