Opposition to Crédit Agricole bank card: how to do it?

You’ve searched the whole house, but you can’t find your Crédit Agricole bank card. In this case, should we object? And if your card is stolen, what are the formalities? Discover all the steps to take in the event of a stolen or lost credit card. Whether by phone, in an agency or by email, we will explain the procedure to you.

How to oppose your Crédit Agricole credit card?

By telephone

The first step is to call the number made available to you by Crédit Agricole to oppose your bank card. The number to contact is 09 69 39 92 91 (non-surcharged number).

In agency

If you live near a Crédit Agricole branch, you can go to oppose your credit card. There is no need to make an appointment with your bank advisor. The receptionist at the counter will be able to carry out the operation, which will block all fraudulent payments and withdrawals.

Before going to an agency, don’t forget to bring a valid ID and your customer account number.

By email

Even if it is slower, this solution is also possible. Send an email to your bank advisor specifying the reason for your request to block your Crédit Agricole credit card.

Note that you also have the option of contacting your financial adviser from your customer area. To do this, connect to the official Crédit Agricole website, then click on “My space”. Then, enter the department number of your Crédit Agricole regional bank. And at the top right, click on “Access my accounts”. You will then have to enter your 11-digit username and your 6-digit confidential code.

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Once in your Crédit Agricole customer area, click on « Contact » and « Send an email ». All you have to do is enter the subject of your request, in this case « Opt out of my Crédit Agricole bank card », and type in your message. In the body of it, detail the situation by specifying the date on which you lost or noticed the theft of your credit card. Finally, send your email.

Within a few hours, your bank advisor will send you a CB Crédit Agricole opposition document. Sign it and return it by email or post.

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What number to oppose his credit card?

To oppose your credit card, the easiest way is to contact Crédit Agricole by telephone. call him 09 69 39 92 91 (non-surcharged number, price of a local call). This is a service open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

On the other hand, there is a number common to all the banks to oppose. This interbank service can be reached on 0 892 705 705 (€0.34 per call + call price depending on the operator). And from abroad, dial +33 442 605 303 to contact the national opposition center. This interbank voice server is also continuously available. He will put you in touch with the competent center for your card.

Over the phone, you will need to give your card number and expiry date. It is therefore important to note these infirmations somewhere. If your card is stolen, they will be valuable to you.

Then, you will confirm the opposition by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. If your credit card is stolen, also report it to the gendarmerie or the police.

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Note: if you wait too long before filing an objection, you may be held liable. And all operations carried out fraudulently before the opposition will be at your expense, up to a maximum amount of €150.

In which cases do it?

You must oppose your bank card as soon as you are certain that you no longer have it in your possession (loss or theft). In the event of theft, contact the Crédit Agricole opposition center without delay. Generally, cash withdrawals and purchases made with a stolen credit card are made in the first minutes following the crime. It is therefore important not to waste time.

On the other hand, you must also oppose when your card is used fraudulently. If you notice suspicious transactions or online purchases on your account statement that you did not make, block your credit card immediately. This will prevent any further transactions to your bank account.

On the other hand, never block your Crédit Agricole credit card if it is swallowed by an ATM. In this case, all you have to do is go to an agency to retrieve your means of payment. Please note that the receptionist will ask you for an identity document.

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Opposition to Crédit Agricole bank card: the rates

According to the terms provided by your subscription contract, the costs of opposition on your bank card are not invoiced at certain banks. However, you should check with your regional Crédit Agricole bank.

Refund in case of theft: the operation

As soon as you have made an opposition on your Crédit Agricole bank card, your responsibility is cleared. Concretely, if the confidential code of your card has been used fraudulently, you will be liable for up to 150 euros for the operations carried out before the opposition. On the other hand, you will be fully reimbursed for the rest of the sums taken from your account.

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To know : if the secret code of your card has not been used, your responsibility is not engaged, except if the operation was carried out outside the European Economic Area. In this case, an excess of €150 applies.

Procedures after filing an objection

After having opposed your credit card, you must send a written confirmation to your agency by registered letter with AR. And if it is a theft, attach to your shipment the receipt of the complaint declared to the gendarmerie or the police.

Indeed, this is part of the steps in case of theft of your credit card. You will have to go to the nearest gendarmerie or police station to file a complaint.

Finally, if you have taken out means of payment insurance with your bank, contact them to obtain reimbursement of fraudulent payments.

Is it possible to cancel a credit card opposition?

You finally found your card after filing an objection with your Crédit Agricole bank. Know that any opposition to the credit card is final. Your card can therefore no longer be used. So you must destroy it.

Finally, note that putting in opposition automatically generates the production of a new card. This will be sent to you by post within 10 days. And in a separate envelope, you will also receive your 4-digit PIN.

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