How to cancel a subscription to Fitness Park?

One of the most well-known Fitness brands in France today, Fitness Park stands out from its competitors by highlighting high-end sport. You will find in these sports halls various sports equipment and materials from the latest technologies, materials that will better satisfy those who want to regain their figure, to lose weight effectively. A brand belonging to the Moving group, it offers a wide choice of subscription offers at the most attractive prices. If you are a Fitness Park member however and would like to cancel your membership, find out what to do.

Cancel Fitness Park Subscription Notice

The different subscription offers at Fitness Park

Fitness Park is today a brand that you will find in more than 200 gyms in France, Overseas, but also in Spain and Portugal. The brand’s objective is to be accessible to the vast majority of the population. This is why it offers a wide choice of subscription offers. Playing sports regularly allowing you to better manage your stress, among other advantages. Each type of subscription gives members access to all the spaces present in a Fitness Park room. Whatever subscription you have subscribed to then, you will be able to access the Muscu areas, Cross training, Cardio areas and the Group lessons room. At Fitness Park, you can choose between different offers, including:

  • The classic offer of 19.95 euros the first month, then 29.95 euros / month, with a commitment over 12 full months and can be subscribed online
  • The non-binding offer of 24.95 euros the first month, then 34.95 euros / month, accessible for online registration
  • The family offer of 19.95 euros / month for 12 months of commitment which is to be subscribed only in clubs and on the condition of having a member of his family registered in a Fitness Park club
  • The student offer of 19.95 euros / month for 6 months, then 29.95 euros / month, with a 12-month commitment and only available for subscription in clubs.
  • The 16-18 year old offer from 19.95 euros / month until 18 years old, then from 29.95 euros / month, with a 12-month commitment, to be subscribed only in clubs.
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For each of its offers, however, you must add the registration fees which are 49 €. Once your subscription is activated, you will be able to access the gyms in Fitness Park every day, without interruption, from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Cancel Fitness Park Subscription Advice

How to cancel my subscription?

For each subscription, you will notice that it includes a commitment period spread over 12 months. By opting for an offer with commitment giving you the right to reduced rates during the first months, it is not possible to end the subscription before the first year of subscription comes to an end. However, a termination request with exceptional reasons may be accepted by Fitness Park. In fact, it is not possible to terminate without penalties, except in exceptional cases. Thus, the various reasons which allow a termination free of charge before the end of the commitment period at Fitness Park relate in particular to legal reasons such as:

  • The move to a new home located more than 30 km from a Fitness Park room.
  • Job loss or dismissal
  • Physical disability resulting from illness or accident

In all cases, for your wish to terminate your subscription to be accepted, you must first of all send your termination request by registered mail with all the necessary documents and supporting documents. The termination will generally take effect within 30 days, after you have received notification of the acknowledgment of receipt of your file from Fitness Park. On the other hand, for a termination request before the end of the engagement period with Orange, find out here the procedures to follow.

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